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[Kuala Lumpur] Delicious @ Bangsar Village II

Opened their first outlet at 1Utama Shopping Centre in year 2004 as a cosy tearoom with only a few items on the menu, Delicious now has 6 Delicious chain outlet and 3 Simply d Cafes in Klang Valley. 

As how it was named, I've heard a lot about Delicious when they had a branch in Penang. Too bad it was gone before I even got the chance to taste it.
Recently I've visited this Delicious outlet in Bangsar Village II, also one of the best recommended outlet by my friends for its service and ambience of the outlet.

In this coming January to March 2016, Delicious will be launching their new "Inspired by Tapas" Menu and also their all new Delicious a la carte menu featuring 16 new and improved dishes that are true to the delicious brand. Was told by Delicious CEO,  Steve Allen that Delicious aim to serve great quality food & drinks with a hint of healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Steve Allen has just returned from a recent research trip of UK and Barcelona, Span to look at food trends and he has brought back some ideas to improve Delicious further.

Steve Allen is an award winning chef who worked with the famous Chef Gordon Ramsay before at Claridges Hotel Restaurant in London. 
Prior to his move to Malaysia, the former chef was part of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s trusted culinary brigade. He rose up the ranks to the lofty position of head chef in the Gordon Ramsay at Claridges Hotel restaurant. - The Malay Mail Online (

Delicious is located on the ground floor of Bangsar Village II, located next to Kiehl's.

 The restaurant is rather cozy and spacious. It can caters up to 70 - 80 pax (full house)

Introducing Delicious's new menu, they also came out with some refreshing beverages to go with your meals. Watermelon & Lychee Blast is one of the refreshing beverages that was simply fresh and mind blasting. Priced at RM12.50 for a glass, portion is friendly for sharing.

Another drink was Apple, Mint & Lemon Frostie that was simply refreshing and good to ease your thirst. Though I personally do not like mint, but I'm glad that the combination was okay to me hence I find this drink is rather acceptable to me. It is priced at RM13.50 each

First we started our meal with some of the highlights on the "Inspired by Tapas" menu. Our first dish was Roasted Pumpkin that served with Grilled Prawns, priced at RM17.50 each. This pumpkin dish is simply hearty and comforting. The pumpkin is cooked to soft and it could melt in your mouth the moment it enters. It was only slightly seasoned with some simple herbs but Delicious could make simple dish delicious and healthy. Highly recommended!  

The prawns used in this dish were fresh as well. We were told by the chef that they only add light seasoning to maintain the original taste of the fresh prawns and the original sweetness from the prawns as well. It was kinda juicy and chewy.

Baked Chicken Thigh (RM15.50) was another highlight of the menu. It was nicely baked and served with Romesco Sauce and Toasted Almonds. Romesco Sauce is originated from Tarragona, Catalonia, in Northeastern Spain and people usually eat the sauce with fish. Steve revamped it into a chicken dish with his extraordinary cooking skills.

The tenderness and juiciness from the chicken thigh is remarkable. From the presentation and the colour you can tell that this dish would leave you a remarkable experience with Delicious.

One of my favourites would be this Creamed Garlic Mushrooms. It was served with croutons and poached egg and priced at RM13.00 each. I personally favour this dish very much because the mushrooms were creamy and also with the garlic added, it made the dish very appetizing and delicious.

This is the kind of poached egg I'm expecting. Thanks to Delicious for making me a perfectly poached egg. This is how a poached egg should be but sad to say that most of the restaurants and cafes do not know how to poach an egg. It is simply perfect here!

Black cod that served with capsicum sauce is priced at RM18.00 and the portion could be good for ladies. Knowing that cod fish is some quality ingredients, with such pricing you could never ask for more. I'm not a fan of capsicum hence I personally do not like this dish but it could be good for those who like capsicum.

The last dish on the "Inspired by Tapas" menu that served to us was this Grilled Beef Skewers that comes with tomatoes, red onions, peppers and Garlic Fried Potatoes at the side. Priced at RM18.00, you will get 2 skewers that filled with juicy beef cubes that grilled to perfection and some fresh vegetables to put a great taste to the beef skewers.

We then took a short coffee break before we were served to more good food from the new menu.
Hot Latte is priced at RM13.00 and it is rather pleasant to find that they served some chocolate balls for you to go with your coffee. Simply heartwarming!

We started with Roasted Pumpkin, Coconut & Beef Serunding Salad with Papaya. Yup you are reading it right, there were so many ingredients used in this salad and it was topped with spicy lime dressing and priced at RM26.50 each. Portion is good for sharing unless if you are only having salad for your meal. Otherwise you could not finish it alone. Kindly Malay influenced cuisine with coconut and beef serunding used in the salad.

My top favourite of the day would be this Pumpkin Risotto Balls. They are mushroom & rosemary risotto balls that served with Pesto Mayonnaise and priced at RM13.50. This is one of the most creative dish I've ever tasted. Using risotto rice to make balls like these and fried to perfection. The risotto balls are very crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The pesto mayonnaise sauce was very good. Never thought that people could make pesto into a dipping sauce and it go so well with the risotto balls.
One highly recommended dish by me!

Looking for something to share with your friends? Go for their Crunchy Chicken Wings that coated with sesame and seaweed crust and served with mustard mayonnaise. We were told by the chef that he charbroiled the chicken wings and then only marinated it with teriyaki sauce for it to absorb the taste then only fry it with sesame and seaweed crust. Priced at RM18.00 each.
I like the crunchiness on the outer layer of the chicken wings. The cracking sound will tempt you a lot if you are not having it. 

If you are looking for a healthier option, go for their Wild Mushroom Wrap with cherry tomatoes, parmesan, cucumber and pine nut. It is served with coleslaws and fried wedges and priced at RM26.50. I like this healthy option and it is rather filling as the whole wrap filled with vegetables. I also enjoyed the crispy wedges that served with the wrap. It could be just great for a meal and not forget to mention the fresh vegetables were rather crunchy.

Another favourite of mine would be this Carbonara with Seaweed egg that cooked with parmesan cream with mushrooms and you also get to choose whether you want Beef Bacon or Shredded Chicken in your pasta. It is quite reasonable to be priced at RM28.00 with this large portion and I believe some could even share this with their friends if he or she is a small appetite person. I like how the egg was cooked and left there slightly raw int he yolk. It was not too creamy but just nice for my liking. Simply yummy!

One of the most pleasant surprises I've got on that day would be served to this beautiful and sweet looking dessert. Macadamia & Salted Caramel Cheesecake Sundae is priced at RM17.50 for a very big portion filled with a lot of macadamia nuts and caramel sauce. It would be perfect to you if you are a sweet tooth person and I believe none of you can finish it alone.

It is of course sweet judging by the name of the dessert. But I like it very much when it comes to ice cream type of desserts. So this would be my favourite dessert no matter how sweet it is.

Chocolate & Raisin Cheesecake is priced at RM15.00 each. It is filled with strong taste of raisin and some of us kinda like it because the raisins used were quite big and rather sweet compared to the sour raisins that served by other restaurants and cafes usually. Good for sharing as well.

Thanks to Chef Sandy Alan Rowe for preparing a great meal for us and also explaining the details of every dishes. Without you, we wouldn't know some dishes that look rather ordinary but needs a lot of time and skills to prepare.

In addition to all the new menu items, Delicious have started to give more promotions to the customers!
On every Monday and Tuesday night, you can enjoy a "BUY 1 FREE 1" promotions for "Asian Mains" in the month of December and "Sandwiches, Burgers & Wraps" in the month of January
The promotion is available from 3pm every Monday and Tuesday and you can choose any two(2) of the dishes on the highlighted menu and you will get the lower priced item for FREE! It could be best for us to dine with friends and so we can order extra items on the menu to try out more dishes.

The "Inspired by Tapas" menu is available from 4th January onwards until 31st March 2016 and prices ranging from RM8 to RM18. So now you can eat like a Spanish and still watch your pocket if you go on Monday and Tuesday.

Other than Bangsar Village II, Delicious is also available at St. Mary Place, 1Utama Shopping Mall, Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid Mall and Setia City Mall.
They also have casual cafe concept, Simplyd located at NU Sentral MallThe Curve and Avenue K as well.

Delicious @ Bangsar Village II
Address: Bangsar Village II (Lot GF-1 Ground Floor), 2 Jalan Telawi Satu, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact no: +603 - 9221 8266
Facebook page:
GPS: 3.129234,101.6706262

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