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US Pizza Malaysia @ Lorong Delima Satu, Greenlane Penang

Being one of the oldest pizza brand in Penang, US Pizza Malaysia has established since 1997 and specialized in Pizza making until today.
They have recently came out new menu offering more promotions and better quality pizzas to Penangnites.

To maintain it's standard and good reputation, US Pizza Malaysia reinvented their menu and came out with more options to follow the current trend to suits the locals' taste.
US Pizza has closed their Nagore Road outlet and now only maintain their first and the only US Pizza Restaurant located at Island Glades Penang.

One of the oldest Pizza restaurant, US Pizza @ Greenlane Penang still maintains their restaurant well until today.

The restaurant are rather cozy and welcoming, outdoor seatings and indoor seatings are also available.

I personally love the wall decorations and how it feels to be surrounded by all the bricks.

I ordered a glass of refreshing Iced Lemonade before I start with my meal. It is really refreshing and cool me down from the hot weather. Not forget to mention that it is kinda appetizing and simply the best to get you prepared for a feast. Priced at RM6.50 each.

We started our meal with a bowl of Italian Grilled Chicken Salad. It was reasonably light and I love the chicken cubes that are kinda tender and well seasoned. The portion was kinda big and enough to share if you go with a group of people while it is priced at RM12.50 each.

Something you must try would be these 2 delicious Twisty Bread. On the left would be Crazi Garlic Twist and on the right is Cinnamon Twisty Bread. They were both priced at RM3.95 for 4 sticks each. I love both flavours as they were kinda crispy on the outside but soft inside, both were rather delicious and great choices for starter!

Another best companion for Pizzas would be nothing but chicken wings!
There are 2 flavours available on the menu which are New York Wings (RM12.95) and Florida Honey Wings (RM13.95). Both were well seasoned and perfectly cooked, only I personally prefer the New York Wings as it was slightly spicy and perfect for my liking! The Florida Honey Wings were great too, only more to the sweet side.

The perfect combinations for a pizza meal.

One of the new item on the menu would be this 4 flavours in one pizza named as San Francisco Fabulous 4. As how it was name, the fabulous 4 was referring to the 4 flavours that presented by this pizza. There are 2 flavours with US Pizza homemade Carbonara sauce and topped with tempura prawn, chunky crab meat stick, capsicum, mayo, mixed herbs and onions and another one is spicy chicken, capsicum, onions, mushrooms, pineapple and cayenne pepper.

The other 2 flavours are with US Pizza homemade Duncan sauce topped with BBQ smoked duck, onions and pineapples or chicken pepperoni, pineapples and onions. The base is US Pizza thing & crunchy crust which is so crispy and thin. My personal preference for pizza crust.
I personally like the smoked duck and the seafood combination flavours the most, they were much more juicier than the other two flavours. But all 4 were equally good and formed as a perfect combination if you would like to try few flavours in one pizza.
Furthermore they are now selling at promo price at only RM38.00 instead of normal price RM52.90 until further notice only.

We also tried the all new 6" crunchy pizzas that are much more crunchier than the previous pizzas. I personally like my pizza thin and crispy so that I can really taste the flavours of the toppings and also  the sauce of the pizza. If you were to order a single pizza it would be priced at RM12.95 and 4 would be at only RM32.95 instead of RM51.80.

Picture below shows 4 pizza flavours which are Aloha Deluxe, Italiano ChickenPenang Special and Texas BBQ Chicken.
I personally find that the Penang Special is the one that captured my attention the most. As we all know that Penangnites love spicy food so US Pizza Malaysia came out with this new flavour to capture Penang's market with their exquisite pizza. Italiano Chicken is also my favourite pizza as it was quite juicy and moist which are perfect to my liking. I personally prefer something which are not so dry and hard.

Another delicious dish of the day would be this cheesy and chewy looking chicken lasagna. US Pizza Chicken Lasagna is priced at RM19.50 for a friendly portion. US Pizza prepared this whole lasagna solely by themselves including the lasagna pasta. It was rather cheesy and moisture as it was perfectly baked. It is kinda comforting that they have added plenty of cheese to make this dish much more delicious than the normal lasagna out there. The pasta were rather chewy and texture was just perfect to my liking.

US Pizza Malaysia is popular for their hand tossed pizza that prepared fresh. All the pizzas will be made upon order to keep it fresh and delicious. The chef is so experienced that one pizza only took her less than 5 minutes to prepare.

This is the hand tossed 6" pizza that prepared on the spot. This is also one of their specialty half + half pizza. Picture below is the combination of Ocean Delight and one of the top seller Tom Yam Chicken. I really like this new tom yam flavoured pizza as it was sour and spicy. It was rather appetizing but it also grabbed the attention of the Oceon Delight, so you gotta choose the flavours carefully so that both flavours can match with each other.
All the pizzas can be made into half + half version with additional RM1.50 for the regular sized pizza and RM2.50 for a large sized pizza.

Gotta say that they do deserve their reputation and the best pizza brand in Penang.
The quality of the pizza are definitely better than those commercial pizza brands out there.

They do have promotions from time to time, you can refer to the below photo for the menu.
And also special promotions on Tuesday.

Get a Free pizza during their promotion period. All you gotta do was
1. Take a picture of pizza
2. Upload the picture to your Instagram / Facebook
3. Check in to US Pizza Malaysia & hashtag #uspizza or #uspizzamalaysia
*Only apply to minimum order of RM25.00

US Pizza Malaysia @ Greenlane Penang
Address: 3D, Lorong Delima Satu, Greenlane, 11600 Penang, Malaysia
Contact no: 04-6552828 / 1300 22 3838
Business hours: Daily 11:00am - 10:00pm
GPS: 5.385732,100.304276

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