Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sharing The Christmas Joy With Less Fortunate Together With AirAsia Malaysia

Good news!
This festive and holiday season is not just a season to celebrate, but also a time to remember those less fortunate and one of the way to spread the love is through giving!

How do we help the less fortunate even if you don't have the time?
Simple! AirAsia has recently partnered with Reach Out Malaysia to distribute hot meals to the homeless and the urban poor through a week-long charity campaign!
From 21st to 25th December, with every pre-booked meal on www.airasia.com, AirAsia will pledge a hot meal to the homeless!

Guests travelling on AirAsia flights (flight code AK) will be tantalized by a wide selection of hot meals at discounted prices when they pre-book their meals from the new in-flight gourmet menu concept, Santan, which includes a limited-time offering Shepherd's Pie!
Shepherd's Pie is a lusciously moist dish, it is baked with a layer of creamy mashed potatoes, shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese. It would be a great addition to this holiday season travel!

If you can enjoy your Christmas meal on flight and also share the joy with the less fortunate, then why not?
Pre-book your meals with AirAsia when you make your flight booking from 21st to 25th December and spread the love through giving with AirAsia today!

"AirAsia - World’s Best Low-Cost Airline!"

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