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ECC Coffee @ Gurney Tower, Penang

Being one of the coffee-selling businesse, ECC Coffee opened its first branch in Penang. The same location was formerly Starbucks Malaysia Gurney Tower, and not has taken over by ECC Coffee that emphasizes on the quality of coffee as well as some creative flavoured coffees, teas and other beverages to cater to the different demands of Penangites.

ECC Coffee  has added a little something to Penang as they focus on selling their coffee and also encourages customers to purchase their coffee beans, instant coffee and ready made teabags. After ECC Coffee took over this slot, the cafe has became slightly bigger and more comfortable to hang out at the cafe.

ECC Coffee can be easily spotted if you drive pass Jalan Kelawai, it is just next to the very first Subway Penang. 

Outdoor seats are also available if you are smokers. It was so nice to chill out there like the previous time at the former Starbucks.

You can find the cafe surrounded by quite a number of coffee packets.
Featuring all their house specialty coffee beans, instant flavoured coffee, black tea and etc.

The cafe is rather spacious and comfortable, and the air-conditioning was perfectly great despite the cafe was surrounded by glass wall. The chairs were quite comfortable too.

ECC Coffee is ideally located at Gurney area, you can always grab a cup of coffee before going to work or after work.

The price of the beverages are really affordable compare to most of the cafe out there.
They have their signature coffee, normal coffee, fruit tea and also coco series available on the menu.

There are some savories available on display cabinet. Just like Starbucks, you can order from the counter and they will heat it up and serve it on your table.

We tried their Almond Bar(RM6.80), Chicken Rendang Puff(RM7.50) and Blueberry Muffin(RM6.80).
You can always grab something with you when you order drinks from ECC Coffee. They are just nice if you are not too hungry and craving for something to eat, these savories here would be just perfect for that craving.

Iced Blended Cioccolata is priced at RM13.90 and it was rather milky. If you are someone who prefers a more milky chocolate drink, the iced blended chocolate here would be perfect for you. The drinks here are available in one size only, so if you can't finish a whole cup by yourself, then you gotta share it with your friends.

What surprised us was this Mango Tè Freddo priced at only RM9.90 that tasted very refreshing and moderately sweet. We have been told that they use natural fruit extracts in their fruit teas instead of artificial flavouring that you can identify easily and tasted all the same.

Instead of flowery and artistic-looking coffee, ECC Coffee focus on the quality of the coffee and at the same time telling people that how easy it is to make your own coffee / tea, encourages you to buy their products and you can also brew your own coffee at home.

What we have tasted are the specialty and also some of their best sellers.
Limon Espressa is one of the bomb that caught our attention. Can you imagine how lemon and espresso could pair with each other? Well it turns out to be something refreshing and would certainly gives you a smooth but not too sourly latte.
The regular Cafe Latte was also perfect to my liking as it is the bitter type of coffee that comes with a slight acidic after taste. I am the type that prefer bitter type of coffee than acidic coffee.
Coconut Espressa is also one of the beverages that surprised us with a moderate smell of virgin coconut oil but drinking the coffee was a complete different taste and it wasn't too strong and it turns out to be a rather smooth and fine coffee.
All the hot coffee is priced at RM10.90 whether is it flavoured coffee or a normal latte.

Another 3 best sellers that made our visit even more completed would be the specialty fruit tea and chocolate drinks. The fruit tea is priced at RM8.90 for the hot ones and the iced ones would be RM9.90. The Chocolate drinks would be at RM11.90 for the hot ones, RM12.90 for the iced ones and RM13.90 for the iced blended version.
Kiwi Tè Freddo was a really refreshing fruit tea that both Ling Tze and I love the taste of slightly sour but you can taste the real kiwi taste in it.
Soursop Tè Freddo was the best among all the other beverages. I hardly encounter with soursop before but I have no doubt that it really blended well with tea by ECC Coffee.
Last but not least, we also tried the Orange Cioccolata that went with their milky chocolate. I like the chocolate here because it wasn't too chocolaty that could cause me sore throat or gave me a bad throat after drinking it. 

As I've mentioned from the beginning of the post, ECC Coffee is a coffee-selling business that focus on the quality of their coffee beans, instant coffee, tea and many more.
If you like any of their coffee, you can always grab a packet and brew it at home, provided if you have a coffee machine at home.

Or if you don't, you can always grab a packet of their instant chocolates, fruit tea or flavoured coffee that were mixed perfectly. All you gotta do was just open up a sachet and pour in the hot water and they are ready to drink!

The former Starbucks store used to be one of my daily hang out place. And I believe this ECC Coffee is even better now since they have renovated the place and it is even bigger and comfortable. I would love to come here more often just to chill out at this place.

ECC Coffee @ Gurney Tower Penang
Address: Menara Gurney (Ground Floor) R-G-B1-2, Jalan Kelawai, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact no: +604 - 227 7001 / 604 - 296 9466
Business hours: Opens daily (Sunday to Thursday 8:30am - 10:30pm, Friday & Saturday 8:30am - 12:00am)
GPS: 5.4299189,100.3187767

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