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The Tea Factory [Occupy Beach Street] | Healthy & Beauty Teas in Penang

Though all the non-stop eating, I do really concern about my own health and weight sometimes, or all the time. I'm really guilty after consuming carbo or all sorts of oily food and sometimes it is really out of my control.

Recently, I was introduce to this brand called The Tea Factory that features healthy and beauty teas specially caters to all the tea lovers and health enthusiast. The Tea Factory offers a wide range of tea leaves combinations with their own recipes with different functions to suit all needs of customers.

For the time being, The Tea Factory does not have a shop yet but they can be found in most events in Penang. It is manufactured and also packaged in Penang and now available in Occupy Beach Street event that happens every Sunday at Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street) Penang.

What makes The Tea Factory so special is that they mix and match herbs and flowers to form into teas with different functions such as slimming, detox, vision improvement, beauty and many more. They are all made from natural ingredients which are only herbs, flowers and tea leaves.

As you can see, different teas come with different functions.
They are all being displayed at their stall and samples are also available for those who would like to try them out.

Picture below features a few of their best sellers that are very popular among local Penangites.

In here, I would like to specially introduce a few types of tea that I've personally tried myself:

If you are looking for something to improve your skin, I would really recommend this Apple Blossom Jasmine Flower Tea that works perfectly in adding extra shine on our skin. I believe most of you know that apple flowers are actually very good for skin brightening and toning.
Apple Blossom Jasmine Flower Tea 苹果花茉莉花茶
APPLE BLOSSOM JASMINE TEA enrich you with high vitamin C that help to boost collagen production and improve skin texture. Prolong consumption will help to brighten skin tone and renew the skin! 苹果花茉莉花茶具有帮助美白养颜的高抗氧化物,是您为美白功课上尽一分力!
Range: Premium Flower Tea Series

Having some overweight issues? No problem with this Burdock Slimming Tea by The Tea Factory that could help you in detox and weight loss. At the same time cleaning your body with the combinations of herbs and tea leaves. I thought this could taste awful but apparently it was not when red dates is also part of the combinations that made it rather sweet and smooth.
Burdock Slimming Tea 黄金牛蒡茶瘦身茶
Burdock has been well known for its potent antioxidants, such as henolic acids, quercetin and luteolin which protects your body from free radicals and at the same time help the body to regulate blood by clearing off toxins! 黄金牛蒡茶瘦身茶具有解毒、排废物的功效,以达到滋补和调理作用,更是老幼四季皆宜的保健饮品。
Range: Health Care Series

If you are someone who sits in front of computers all day long at work, then you definitely need this Vision Protection Tea that specially target on office workers. Whenever we talk about vision protection, there must be presence of goji berry that helps in improving our vision. This tea tasted extremely smooth and also very flavourful, perfect for workers who have to stare into the computer whole day like me.
Vision Protection Tea 清肝明目茶
Our VISION PROTECTION TEA contains a blend of wolfberry, chrysanthemum, chinese liquorice, red dates and more which serve as the best daily supplement for general health, especially for office workers and people with stressful lifestyle! 清肝明目茶有清热, 清肝,明目, 防辐射,降低血脂之作用。其中成分包括袧己,红枣,决明子,甘草和杭菊特适用于中老年人、电脑操作人员、办公室工作人员养生饮用。
Range: Health Care Series

People who read my blog would know that I'm really a big fan of green tea whether it is green tea chocolate, green tea drinks or whatever food or drinks made with greentea. The Tea Factory also has a few types of green tea combinations like sweet osmanthus, hawthorn, roselle, lemon mint and so on. Among them all, Sweet Osmanthus would be the most recommended as it tasted quite fine and it could also helps in digestion.
Sweet Osmanthus Green Tea 桂花绿茶
Our half fermented green tea partnered with osmanthus fragrance present you the unique rich fruity scent helps you to sedate appetite and aid in digestion. 浓郁的桂花香配上高山绿茶,有助于强胃,加强消化,是消暑消脂的良伴。
Range: Green Tea Series

 Picture below shown the Sweet Osmanthus Green Tea that is my favourite among the 4 types of tea I've tasted. It smell really great the moment you add some hot water into the tea bags in your cup.

Also, you don't have to worry about some extra calories in the office when you have the kind of teas that could help you in weight control.
Perhaps it is just me that I eat snacks a lot in the office and it is perfect to go with some tea whether it is chocolate / candy or chips that I have.

I have yet to try all the other flavours but I will do so after I finished mine.
There are 10 tea bags in every packet of tea. You could order a few types of tea and share with your colleagues in the office.

The Tea Factory offers more than 50 types of tea focus on different functions such as health, beuty, detox and many more. 
Please refer to the below for the full menu.
Price of teas are ranging from RM20.00 to RM25.00 per packet that contains 10 tea bags. Except for the black tea series that is priced at RM32.00 for each packet. 
*Also there are special discounts if you purchase 2 packets and above*

For ordering / more info, please find the contacts below:
Ben - +6016 - 480 4361
Also you can like their Facebook page at for more updates of their latest products and also their participations of other events so that you can grab their products from their stall.

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