Wednesday, March 9, 2016

ShopBack Malaysia | Coupons, Promo Code, Discounts & Cashback For Expedia, Zalora, Lazada and many more

Are you a deals hunter?
Looking for more discounts?
Aiming for cash back?
If you are, I believe you are not a stranger to all the websites that offer great deals like Groupon, Zalora, Lazada and many more.

I believe all of us are the same, hunting for great deals, looking for discounts especially in a bad economy this year. We are all surviving with tight budgets yet we are all shopaholics.

Here's the thing.....
What if you can still get discounts from your current good deals that you found online?
What if I were to tell you that other than those great deals, you can also get cash back for every of your purchases?
What if I were to tell you all your cash back value are actually available in cash money?

Now with ShopBack Malaysia, everything is possible!
ShopBack Malaysia enters the market by offering great values to all shoppers. Celebrating its first anniversary in Malaysia, you can earn cashback on your online shopping with ShopBack

Don't you want to get cash back discounts when you book your preferred hotels with Expedia? Use can even use the latest Expedia coupons with your cashback?

Shoppers get to earn cash when they shop online through ShopBack. It might sound too good to be true, but it is indeed a legitimate business model which took flight in the West. And now it is here, in Malaysia.

How to shop and get cash back!? 

1st Step: Log on to  and choose your preferred shops from over 500 online merchants available on the website.
After you have signed up with ShopBack Malaysia and confirmed your email, you can officially start to shop and get cash back for every transactions depending on the offers available. Some could be 5%, or some could be up to 10 - 20% cash back discounts. 
Imagine if you are booking a hotel room at RM200 per night and you are getting 10% cash back? 
You will get RM20 back in total! 
Merchants of ShopBack Malaysia are not only limited to food or fashion, but also includes travel, electronics, online shops and many more.

2nd Step: Get redirected to the merchants' website to be entitled for cash back

One of the very IMPORTANT tips here I would like to tell all of you is DO NOT LEAVE YOUR REDIRECT PAGE. 
I believe some of you may be like me, who loves to see many tabs at one go, which may actually lead to failing in linking to ShopBack Malaysia and in the end you will not get your cash back discounts.
Do not leave your original redirected page while you do your shopping so that you can get your cash back discounts towards the end of your transactions. 

3rd Step: Earn Cash Back MONEY! ($$$$ Ka-Chng!)
Now tell me who doesn't love money?
Who doesn't love discounts?
Well you should donate me your money if you are telling me that you don't because ShopBack Malaysia is giving back all the promised cash back money once the payment is made on their merchants' website.
The cash back will be credited into the shoppers' account within a few days after the transactions. 

What's even better?!
Unlike any other websites that has only restricted you to use the cash back money to spend in their websites nor just limited to Paypal credits. Once your cash back funds are credited into your ShopBack account, you can withdraw the money through your local banks like Maybank, CIMB Back and many more shown above.

So, let's start earning cashback on your online shopping with ShopBack now! 

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