Monday, August 27, 2007

Baked Frozen Oreo Cheese Cake

*Before reading, click on all the pictures to enlarge them if it is too tiny for all of u.
1 packet of Tiger Biscuit
1 packet of Oreo Cookies
1 piece butter
300g Cream Cheese
3 eggs
50g sugar

Part 1, Biscuit layer

1. Blend your biscuit with blender.
2. Put all your biscuit and 1/4 of the butter *melt it before using* into the mixer.
3. Mix the 2 ingredients until all stick together.
4. Preheat your Microwave Oven with 180c for 10-15minutes.
5. Put in your biscuit layer and baked for 20minutes.
6. Took it out and left it for cold.

Part 2, Oreo Cheese Layer

1. Separate the Oreo cookies to cookies and cream.
2. Make the Oreo cookies layer onto very small pieces.
3. Put in the cream cheese, Oreo cream layer and 50g sugar and start to mix them.
4. When all the ingredients are stick together, add in the 3 eggs and mix until the colour become yellowish.
5. Add in the Oreo cookies and make sure all the ingredients are totally mixed up!
6. Preheat the oven with 180c for 10-15minutes too
7. Bake the cake with 180c for 35minutes.

*Camwhore with my cakes!

Besides that, there is one good news.
Sugar is recovered!!!! wheee~~~
the Panadol works!!!!


Ryudiculous said...

Whoa... got nice recipe ^^

conan_cat said...

omg omg i'm SOOOO going to make this @__o

oreo and CHEESEE!!! some secret recipe's recipe exposed!! XD

haha nice anot ah?? when i make it i tell u ok hehe

aL said...

when u gonna bake one for me?!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

wah, not bad wor! u really can bake! :)

Anonymous said...

JJ... some questions... tiger biscuit how many grams? 1 piece of butter is how many grams?