Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sugar Is Sick

These few days,
my baby, sugar is sick,
so pity her.

I know you are emo

You looks so sad

You looks so tired

Sugar, u must recover soon ok?


Lasker said...

Wah .. kesian Sugar .. I hope it get well soon.
Got take to see vet dee?
Actually they just need a lot of sayang .. sure get well one.

Ryudiculous said...

Awww... poor Sugar...

Hope she'll recover soon. And also hope you will not be too sad...

I went through before :( But luckily now my 2 babies are fine & healthy ^^

Sugar will be too =D

samantha w said...

Sugar so cute!pray that Sugar wil get well soon ;)


Unheard Voice said...

take care sugar then take her out next time hehe