Wednesday, August 1, 2007

2nd Post About IPG

Actually today is my 2nd week and the 5th day in IPG.
Today I should attend for the powerpoint class with my classmate.
I reached there at about 8.30, and the class should be start at that time.
But then we wait, wait, wait and wait.
*keep on waiting~
and waiting~

9.25, The lecturer, Mr. Steve Ooi goyang in front of us,
He saw us and greet us some more, then he asked: what are you all waiting here?
We answered: waiting for you, we suppose to be in the powerpoint class.
He answered again: oh! i forgot about it! sorry!

*swt........ =.=" what a lecturer.
Fine~! i don't care, class started.
Switch on the pc that i used last week, fail to do so, computer spoilt.
The project that i did last week is inside lehz!!!! gone!!!!!

Take another computer, doing the project all over again.
Doing in the progress, pc hanged!!!!! my project spoilt again!!!

Do all over again!!!!!
Finally i finish it, and saved it, then switch off the computer.
But then Mr Steve ask me to switch on the computer and check again.
Computer on! Checked!!! My Saved Project LOST!!!!
WTH!!!!! WTF!!!!!
I told Mr. Steve that i will go home and do myself.

Bored of reading my college craps?
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the celaka monkey shots!


SaeWei said...

Moral Of The Story Is :
Save all your works in the pen drive next time... HAHAHAH

JJ Jason said...

i dun hav pen drive,
no money buy,

aL said...

walau damn lucah all the pics!

conan_cat said...

wahliao, you really unlucky lor!! i hate crappy computers!! that day i doing my work in my computer lab also, then the stupid guy suddenly switch off my computer, my 4 hour work all gone!! have to do all over! argh!!

JJ Jason said...

we are unlucky group,