Friday, August 31, 2007

31 August Merdeka Fun Wheee~~~

10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! *skipped!
Why skipped? Cause dissapointed, i countdown at home alone while everyone is out.
Why? no reason, clear?

Lets talk about something else!
Slept at morning 5something , woke up at 10, straight away went to my dad's shop and help him.

Received a pair of new slipper.
Went back @ 1something.
Feel so hot!
What to do? Shouting with shouters, sure suggest something to them!
I suggested all of us go to eat chendol.
Planned from 3something until 4something then only Willazz wanna go joined with me.

When i reached there.
Time given

Before he reach, I have read through Cedric's post about Extreme Parking Style,now i got some too.
Lets take a look.

Tak ada otak punya driver, simply park.

Then i continue wait until this time.

Suddenly Willazz stands beside me, shocked.
But i look around and i saw his car. Take a look.

Swt... =.=" *speechless
But i didn't say anything to him.
and then, one more car follow.

Willazz, next time no more ok? =__="

After that we went home.
When i am home, my mother ask me wanna go Sunshine Supermarket or not.
So i just follow her to there.
It is so pack there, hard to get a park lot, hard to get a trolley.
Picture to prove.

Pack, crowded and noisy too.
This is what i bought.

Shouters!!!! when u see me what will you all say? Cheap!

This is our trolley.

After that? what else? go home lahz! wait for police come and catch mehz?
I still underage cannot drink beer ok?

Before ending this blog today.
Happy Merdeka to everyone! Happy Happy Always~ ^^


Lasker said...

JJ, its ok ler .... you didnt go out celebrate, but we all celebrate together at home in ShoutOut. That is also a nice right?

Wheeee ... As for me, it has been a many many years since I shout Merdeka. And this year, I did Shout in ShoutOut with the Shouters .. I dont know about you, but it was very nice for me.

LeangFM said...

HP Sandals!!!!!
nearly bought it d other day but didnt!
long story!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, those bloody driver tada akai 1...park like that..motobike parking lot also can park

Ryudiculous said...

WHOA... why buy so much beer???