Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nike Sport Shoes >>> ???

Ladies and Gentlemen,
What are you about to see, is what you don't wish to see.
No Words! Look @ Those Pictures!!!!!
I Found This!!!

2 Colour of Nike Sports Shoes

Blue + Red


Cover up your eyes!!!! Faster!!!!!

Optimus Prime [Nikimus Prime]

Megatron [Niketron]

Becareful, Maybe your Nike Sport Shoes will comes alive one day and form a war on Earth,


Jean said...

haha~see liao fast fast go buy one pair of nike free 1st~~~
maybe it'll transform n bcom my robot pet~~^^

Lasker said...

I want! Where to get ah ? hahahaha

SaeWei said...

wha!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE! ANYONE! Christmas is coming soon ler.. *hint hint*

Dexter said...


buy liao then can walk for me ker???

i no need walk liao lo...


Anonymous said...

Transform and Run Out!

samantha w said...

wow! KEWL!

Unknown said...

saw it b4! but not in real life..
but they are cool!!
wish to get them!

conan_cat said...

wahliao! who's the smart guy? really creative lor @__oo

and i will sakit hati lor nice nice one pair nike change liddat liao... hahahaha...

Pike-chan said...

waaaaah this is super cool.... wonder how much it cost...

JJ Jason said...

go and grab it!!!!
den let it transform and fight!!!!!