Saturday, August 11, 2007

Family and Curang day!!!!

Yesterday I've hang out with Wendy, Benjipapa and my mami Minny.
2something, Wendy called me: lei hai bin dou!!!!
I answered, I am coming i am coming, i just ready!!!
Wendy: where should we wait u????
Me: wait me in front of GSC after 8minutes!!!!
Wendy: 8minutes har? ok i count from now.
*I quickly take everything and drive out from house.
On the half way, stupid traffic lights always stop at red light when i reach, swt....

When i reach there, i think i am late d, so quickly rush to GSC,
but when i am there, i didn't see anyone of them, =.=" mana dia orang har?
So i called up Wendy, and then we bought 2 tickets for Transfomer movie @ 3.10pm
Mami and Papa don't want to watch, they wanna go Celebrity Fitness, *2 rich fellow!

After we got our ticket, we went to Mcd for lunch, and then chit chat there.
Suddenly we heard some singing, it is a little boy singing behind of us,
because Gurney Plaza is going to extend the mall, so those workers are working there,
and we can see it from upstairs of Mcd.
Guess what is that little boy singing?
Boob The builder~ lalala~ *4 of us laugh softly, and then Mami and Wendy follow the boy sings, so funny!

After lunch we saw Chee Hsien and Hao Hao*never know it was haohao, 1st time see him.
So we seperate into 2 team, Papa and Mami go Gym,
Me and Wendy go to watch TRANSFOMER!!!!
Inside there, we saw Wendimus Prime!!!!

Kidding, muahaha!!!!
Actually we say Wendybee, JJazz, Axialmus Prime, Benjipapaout, Minnytron and many many more.
When JJazz died, I: JJazz died!!!! wuuu huuuu~~~ and Wendy laugh at me,
When Wendybee lost her leg, I: wuuu~~~ wendybee without leg~~~ huuuu~~~
Wendy going to cekik me, *siam!

After the movie, we met up with Papa and Mami again in front of Popular.
We planned to give aL suprise!!!! when we walk near to there, and going to jump to her, suddenly she come out and saw us!!!!

After chit chat a while, 4 of us left Popular Book Store and went to A&W,
Papa and Mami ordered Kids meal, swt of them, =.=
I've ordered a large rootbeer, and wendy don't want to eat anything.
And then we start Camwhore.
1. Wendy with and without gold fish spec

2. Minny with and without gold fish spec

3.This is Benjipapa with and without the gold fish spec

4. Ugly me with and without gold fish spec and the cold storage sticker.

At The End, 2 Of Them Always Looks Match!


Dexter said...

I should go with u all...


wendy told me only u2 going so i think nvm lo... hehe

i also watch transformers DVD at home ma...

then dexter is what transformers ar?

JJ Jason said...

Dexter, u shud come and join us!!!! more ppl will be more fun!!!!!!!!!
and i named u!!!!
the cute little radio decepticons!

Hasbullah Pit said...

i'm getting cinfused, from which blog i saw original pic of Wendimus Prime ?

Minny Chan said...

weeeee the specs pics are so funny!