Thursday, September 20, 2007

Edited Pictures

Today as usual, went to college, got class at 11.
After that, i went to have lunch with Emily
Before the 2pm class start, i went to library and chit chat with my classmate.
And then she snap a picture of mine, so i use her Nokia N73 to edit that picture.
This is the original picture.

And i edited until like that.

How was it? give some comments.

P.S: did anyone noticed my shirt? Save Water, Drink Beer


Anonymous said...

HAHA! Save Water, Drink Beer! Good one! Purple shirt so cute! JJ even cuter! and then... and then... star star... bubblies... snowflake... XXXXXX.... And the crown tops it all off!!! Wheee!!!~~~~~ Just wanna eat you all up! (but I won't)

JJ Jason said...

Bell, eat my up pula, swt...
scared of u d,

SaeWei said...

Bell: -__________-""""""