Monday, September 24, 2007

My Unforgetable 18th Birthday Beach Party [Part 2]

22 September 2007 - My 18th Birthday
Attendant List : Wendy, Benjipapa, Cedric, aL, Emily, Vingie, Chee Hsien, Willazz, Lasker, Elise, Ralph, ChefKhuen, and SaeWei's Soul
At last minute, i told them i wanna go beach.
Because i know they want to celebrate with me @ Gurney Plaza,
It will waste a lot of money, so why don't just save money and go beach for free?
By the way, they = Shouters
At first, I wanna Thanks Cedric, aL and Emily who scolded me and awake me to go for celebrate.
The rest skipped!!!! Now let's start it!!!!!
Afternoon, Chee Hsien came to my house and fetched me, Willazz should reach my house before him, but he didn't, so Chee Hsien went to fetch him.
That is why we late for one hour.
After that, we picked up Wendy and Vingie.
Me and Wendy camwhore a bit inside Chee Hsien's car!
Wendy is so cool!

So we reach Golden Sand Beach!
The Beach and weather is so nice!!!!! warm but not hot!!!!!
Those are some pictures that Lasker took before we reach.

Then they saw us from far far away and snap.

So we all gathered up and move to a better place.
And the activities started.
1st, everyone is hungry, so we quickly open the cakes and prepare!

Then they all sing, i am so happy and feel touched. T_T

I have to bite out all the candles. =.="
luckily they didn't noticed when i bite the last candle, or else my face will full of cakes. Haha!
And then, we cut the cake and start to enjoy!

Thanks Wendy for cutting the cakes,
Elise looks so happy,wheeeee~~~ (^_^)
Vingie u are sexy lahz, not fat at all! (^_^)
Willazz, guess u are the 1st one who finished the cake, lol.
Papa, u looks so blur nya... swt... LOL
Ralph and Khuen, 2 guys that don't likes to take photos.
Emily and Cedric, no gomen.
Wendy, u looks so cool, always.
Chee Hsien, my blog is for public, =_="

Next, My secret present, =.="
Need to take test before get it.
After their discussion, i have to do 18times of pumping with Cedric sit my back to get it.
I did it!!!!!! and i got it from our Boss, Lasker!!!!!!!! wheee~!!!
Did u noticed that i sniff? Shh!!!!

Next, we went to swim!!!!!!!! everybody just strip and jump to the sea!!!!!!
We throwed aL to the sea!!!!! Same as Benji!!!!
Let me tell you all a secret!!!! Benji has water phobia!!!!!! how weird is it?
A duck that cannot swim, LOL!!!
Those are people who swim.

And those who did not swim.

I just loves this photo. Elise looks so cool.


We seperated into 2 team and 5 person per boat.
Cause it is only one boat, and 10 person wanna play.
Team 1, aL, Emily, Chee Hsien, Wilazz, and Vingie.
Wearing the floating jacket.


There they go


This group not bad, still ok!
But they are facing some problems when get down from the boat. LOL
Let me explain, Chee Hsien is the first one who jumped down from the boat, he didn't expect that it is still deep under the banana boat, then he sink and he shouted, ALI! HELP!!!! ALI HELP ME!!!!! ALI!!!!!!
LMAO!!!!!!!! *laughing nonstop when typing*
Willazz and Vingie very yau yeng, no need anyone to help them at all.
aL and Emily don't dare to jump after all. LOL

Team 2
Me, Wendy, Cedric, Benjipapa, Ralph.

Get up to the boat and wheee~!

Everyone is so excited and happy while riding the boat.
Shouting, Screaming, everything!!!!
But, something SCARY happened.
U will see this

Let me describe some again.
All of us felt from the boat when turning. =.="
I fall to the right hand side, and the rest fall to the left hand side, =.="
Benji who has water phobia shout and asking for help like hell, LOL
Wendy and Cedric went to help him, but guess what?
Wendy got pushed and Cedric's head stepped by Benji, LOL!!!!
I don't know who pulled my jacket from behind when i felt, swt...
Ralph and me were safe and ok.
Now it is about to get back to the boat, it is so hard and tiring us.
We help Benji to get up to the boat, then he helped me and wendy to get up, followed by Ralph.
Guess what, no one help Cedric, he shouted me for help.
JJ help me, i beh tahan liao, help me get up!!!!!
Everyone became quiet and shoutless.
The boat start again.

Finally the boat stopped
I swim back


The Next Minute, LOL

After that, we left there.
The beach is so nice.


Thats all for this 2nd part.
3rd part, the last part to be continue


Lasker said...

Wheee .. first to comment.
It was a great bday party. I never went to one that is more fun that this ... (not yet anyway). I bet there are plenty more to come that will be just as great as this ..

fulamak, I can only IMAGINE how JJ felt .. I bet it felt like gold! Happy Birthday JJ! Hope you remember this day for many many years to come!

Ooo .. psst .. dont forget to bring voucher!

Anonymous said...

cool! keep the memory deep deep in your heart.

btw, my last photo, no comment. =_="

Unheard Voice said...

why u blur off ur photo wan?? swt... It was a FUN day many memories k.. was nearly drowned, 1st time banana boat for me n last time..hehe...

Anonymous said...

wahhhh. so many picturessssssss. must have had a great time ler all of you :P

lucky fella :D

Chee Hsien said...


JJ Jason said...

Boss!!!! TQ SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
tau keh sou!!!!! TQ!!!!! i really like tat picture of u lahz, it looks so nice!!!!
Papa, u cheap one, i dun care, if got chance den we go play it again!!!!!!!
Satkuru, u shud hav a great time on reading too. lol
CH, apa u laugh laugh ni!!!
u are so funny on the banana boat that day!!! LOL

Wendy said...

JJ! wakakakakaka...
I don't care, next time we drag Benji on a banana boat ride again okie! hahaha~

AaronWoolala said...

I wanna go.. :(

Minny Chan said...

omg so fun lah JJ.
u mind or not that i couldn't make it?

i so wanted to go okays ]:
sedih. jealous. blablabla


Dexter said...

ya lor... me and minny cant go...

actually hor, minny msn me and told me she cant go... then manatau i also cannot go...

sorry ler. i explain har...
2weeks ago my old old form5 classmate come find me and told me he doing his 21 year old borthday party mar. and i promise him i will go ler.

his party on the same day with yr birthday lor... i need to prepare food mar. sorry i cant join u ler...

but nice to see u happy happy... :good:

JJ Jason said...

Wendy!!! Let's go again!!!!! and i wanna swim again too!!!!!!! pull that cheap papa along!!!!
Aaron, u come penang lohz :P
mami!!!! ISH-NESS!!! CISKEK-NYA!!!!!!!!! u shud join us one!!!!!!!!
Dexter, next year lohz~! hahax

aL said...

omgggggggggg! dat was so much fun!!!

kia.. when again???!!!!