Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How Is Your 1st Time?

Everyone got a lot of first time right?
Let me blog about my first time to Haagen Dazz,
Going to 18 but first time to step into those high class ice cream shop.

That is it, located at Pulau Tikus, Penang.

Another view of Haagen Dazz

Now Let's go in!
Here are the environment

And This Coffee Maker, i saw words Espresso on it

Here Is the Menu, i don't dare to snaps on those ice cream pictures and prices,
Scare of it.

After some discussion, we ordered something.
Before that, we served with some weapons.

*Wait~ Wait~ Wait~
Here it comes!

Need me to teach you how to eat?
I not really know, but that is how i eat.
1st, use the fork and pick up your ice cream,fruits,cookies or cake whatever

2nd, Dip it into the melted chocolate.

3rd, turn round and round, let the ice cream surface full with chocolate.

4th, topping it with some peanuts.

5th? Need me to teach u?
Eat it! Lick it! Taste it!
After a few minutes.

Blurpppssss~~~!!!! Oppssss!!! Excuse me!
Baby also laugh at me.

That is my first time, how bout yours?

1. Today i didn't camwhore
2. I admit i am cheap, and will never have chance to step into those places, but suddenly my cousin want to treat me, that is why i just follow.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm yummy yummy yummy so delicious , Ice cream like sangwo or steamboat.... JJ the ice cream like fish ball arrrr

Anonymous said...

mMmMmmmmmm!!!~~~ Ice Cream.....

Anonymous said...

your first time... hahahaha sound like ur first time doing.......................................................... hmmmm u should write about ur first time.. winks ;)

Anonymous said...

so far i did not went in to Dazz before. cos i knw it will burn my wallet

wait i change to leather wallet 1st, then only won burn hard

JJ Jason said...

Thily, they purposely do the shape like that, got fruits and cookies too, indo there got haagen dazs too rite?
Bell, go makan !!!!!
Waren, Celaka sama lu! Slapss!!!! next time chia me makan kat college!
iCalvyn, my cousin chia one, so i juz follow, if i go myself? my wallet will not burn, but explode, know wat i mean?

conan_cat said...

walao... i also cheap so i never stepped into haagen daz before also XD last time got once lar also ppl treat but that one is like 3 years ago liao haha... so long liao XD and ooo chocolate fondue!!