Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tagged By Caren

Caren Tagged Me.
This is to blog about my dream lover.
What should i reply to this tag while i wish to stay single?
Whatever, juz simply reply.

1. Someone Who Is Sincere and Honest To Me
Who does not? one sentence, Out Of My World!

2. Someone Who Understand Me
Relationship without enough understanding will break up easily.

3.Someone That Love Me Because Of Who I Am And Not Who They Want
Don't force me to be someone you want.

4. Someone That Be Themselves And Not What I Want Them To Be
Don't act in front of me, and then totally changed when i am not around,
I want you to be yourself.

5. Someone Who Is Not So Sensitive
Don't be so sensitive, and narrowness.

6. Someone Who Is Romantic
I don't want to waste my energy to tell you what am i going to do if you don't understand what am i trying to hint and give.

7. Someone Who Love Me *For Sure
How are you going to have someone who don't love you as your dream lover? Are you crazy?

8. Someone Who I Have FEEL!!!!!
How am i going to love u without any feeling towards you!!!!

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