Friday, September 28, 2007

My Unforgetful 18th Birthday @ Wendy's House

Let's continue from previous post!
So we left the Golden Sand Beach and heading to Wendy's House.
Me, Wendy and Emily camwhored a bit in Benjipapa's car.
Cedric was in the car too but he is busy singing, so he didn't camwhore with us.
We Just Cant Live Without Camwhore

Camwhore together

Camwhore with banana not consider solo right?

In front of Benjipapa's car was a lorry fetching 2 cows

Then we reached her house.
Her room was so beautiful!!!!!!!
I don't know how to describe, better read her post about I ♥ my room
Let's move on.
We met up with Lasker, Elise, Chee Hsien, Ralph and Willazz again.
After that, we seperated, their group went to dinner.
Our group went to Wendy's Apartment swimming pool.
It was damn nice and i like it very much.
We chat over there, playing Benji's Ball, and also teach him how to swim.
For those who got water phobia, come and learn from us. Free Of Charge.
After the swim, we went to bath @ Wendy's house and camwhored a bit in her room.
I guess everyone like her room, it is clean, beautiful, and very cute!!!
Camwhore in the air

Benji and Wendy camwhored in that room too.
Maybe we should read their post.
This is Benji's and this is Wendy's

Before ending this post.
ALERT!!!!! Guys And Girls!!!! 18SX Underage Content!!! Please leave if u are Underage!!!!
I am no more underage (^_^)

The Last Post Coming Soon!


Unheard Voice said...

JJ!!! hahahaha u go and post all those funny photo!!!!!!!!!! can DIE u know!!!!!!!!!!! OMG.........



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Papa u cheap one!
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