Thursday, September 13, 2007

Out With Emily Zhiap

Yesterday after my class, it was about 1.
So me and Emily was out to Gurney Plaza.
First, we went to find aL, by the way, she also known as Ali De Abu quack quack.
We gave her a surprised. See what is her reaction.
Picture is blur, but she is shocked.

After that, she start her story telling session, I was listening with Emily.
Then i took some pictures too.

She is going to screw me if she see this.

After the story telling session, me and Emily off to Wong Kok Restaurant.
*Skip this part, because no pictures.

After the lunch, we went off to Secret Recipe!
I choose Chocolate "Indulgence" not sure about the spelling.
Emily choose Carrot Cake *Forgot the name also
This is Emily with her carrot cake

And this is me with my *Chocolate Indulgence* "Chocolate Cake

Camwhore a bit

P.S : i ain't cute but i still act, want to vomit just do it.
And we saw this:
Hey uncle! want to sleep please go home!

Flies can talk:

Something else is secret, cannot post, later Emily screw me, LOL!


Unheard Voice said...

Who say my JJ is not cute???.... Wan kena from me liao... My anaks alll pretty n cute wan... haha

im sick if not i can go.. haiz....

JJ Jason said...

I say JJ is not cute!!!!!!
U cheap one, sick den stay at home and rest lahz.
but i heard mami said u went to GYM when u sick and can follow all the step of dance wor....
Mami din sick kenot do it oso, u sick u can do it, geng nya~

aL said...


hate you deep deep~!

JJ Jason said...

aL, u hate me deep deep but i love u deep deep wor, wat to do?