Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Emotional? Maybe?

What u feel on this picture? Emotional? Lonely? Sad? Depress?

Someone viewed this picture and they asked me, why u so lonely?
I answered, Am I? Why i don't know then?

But after I consider, I feel that my mood swinging around.
I don't know why, Just feel moody.

This is another, Can give me some comments?

What Do U Feel About This Picture?
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sc_Bone said...

like the shouters said,
really look drug addict 1st phase la

JJzai said...

they said i looks like taking drugs, swt....

Sae Wei said...

Alapak!!! Why so emo???

Wei... don't feel lonely okay... You are surrounded by fellow shouters that never sleep ler........

Dont worry be happy ;)

-SaeWei jie-

JJzai said...

aiyor, sae wei.
i am nth lahz,
dun worry,

pikey said...

waaaah the first pic looks emo la, kekekeke