Sunday, July 8, 2007

I Hate Thieves!!!!

feel like crying lahz!!!!!!
after i lost my helmet last week,
i bought a new one on tis tuesday.
Today afternoon, i went to gurney plaza, paid RM0.50 and den go in.
after some window shopping, i bought the Famous Amos cookies!!!!

After tat, walk around, and saw some friends there, but why din see any bloggers har???
when i am getting bored, so time to leave.
walk to my bike there, and feel weird that why i din see my helmet,
getting near to there and noticed that my helmet is Gone!!!! hell!!! who took it!!!!
Then fine, luckily my cousin live near by, so i went there, borrow a helmet and got home.
Thieves!!!! LISTEN!!!
Me! JJ, promise i will SCREW u and CHOP your body if i know who did this!
I promise! I swear I will!!!!


aL said...

harr... den ma become like the murderous mother?

JJ Jason said...

really swt....
den wat can i do wor???