Monday, July 9, 2007

Why My Mommy And Her Boyfriend Murdered Me?

What u saw through those pictures that i took from Newspaper???
A mother??? Is she a mother??? do she consider a mother??? or a bitch who murdered her own daughter???
It is a hot news today, a mother who murdered her own daughter and made a police report about her daughter missing,
she using everyone's kind who willing to help her find out her daughter and comfort her,
but they will never know, it is her mother killed her!
After the polices investigate and interrogated her, she finally tells everything.

Can u cut yourself? or others? do u dare???
But why a mother dares to do it, and chopped her own daughter into several pieces and throw away???
what can u imagine? Should we call her a mother????
What u think if your own mother cut u? do u happy and say,
wah~~~ blood spread around, so beautiful ooo~~~
wah~~~ my hands and legs were seperated from my body ooo~~~
until the last breathe, do u think, the kid is crying and screaming?
how can a mother do tis to a daughter? is she love her?
if she did, den tell me how is the way she love her.
i hate the mother!


Anonymous said...

fuck the parents!

JJ Jason said...

happy to see u comments here!
my pleasure!!!

miChi3 said...

I really pity that kid..
she was such a cute and pretty kid..
I couldn't understand why on earth the mother can kill her? Damn her and her stupid bf..n the way they killed her..omg..very cruel..

JJ Jason said...

i really hate her mother and her mother's bf lohz, so cruel,
and i heard tat they were addicted to drug also one

aL said...

yep. damn cruel and insane.


JJ Jason said...

they are heartless!

SaeWei said...

instead of calling this bitch a mother,
she should be named Mutha Fucka.

*sorry for the vulgarity.. but i can't help it.. :P

JJ Jason said...

no need to sry,
i am agree -.-"