Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Appriciate On Food

Yesterday i went to registered for IPG, so who study in IPG will become my senior lahz,
plz tell me urself here, lolz.
The whole progress is so simple only, i juz fill up the form den pass to them togeher with RM200 cash, den everyotihng is done, =_="
At 1st i thought how complicated is it.

After that i went to some beach with my bro and his relatives.
There was a nice beach, we reach there around 5.15p.m.
and the sun is going to set soon.
But..... our motive is to dig 'siput' !!!!!
My bro and his friends straight away striped their t-shirt and bring along the small basket jump to the sea!!!!!!

Then I also keep all my stuff and then bring a basket and joined them.
At 1st i don't know how to dig those 'siput, but they taught me, muz carry those sand around and den shake with the basker.
Wat i saw is, they put those 'siput' in their pockets after they got them, so i juz follow, but really hard to find those 'siput' =_="

After the 'siput' collecting, we went swim!!!!! and fight some more.
Our game is, 4 guys with one carrying another on arm and the top one of both team will fight, i was too big size for them, so i juz carry my brother's frenz and fight with them.

And after that, we leaved around 7.30p.m.
It is really fun there, i like the sea, forever and ever!!!!

At last wanna tell u all, siput is nice to eat, but i never try to dig myself.
This is my first time, I feel so hard so get them lahz!!!!!!!
So, those fisher who collect those shellfish works hard for their life.
we should really appriciate them for our 'siput' meal.

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