Monday, July 23, 2007

1st Lesson At IPG

8.23a.m Woke up but feel that still early, then went back pig pig.
8.52a.m Woke up again, but still that early, so went back pig pig again.
9.32a.m Errr... tired lehz... but still have to wake up lahz.
*woke up, wash, brush, bath.

10.18a.m Went to have breakfast~
10.30a.m IPG! Here i come!!!!
10.40a.m Reach IPG and start waiting, *wait wait wait
*wait wait wait*
*wait wait wait*
*wait wait wait*
*wait wait wait*
*wait wait wait*
*curse curse curse, why the lecturer not yet come har?
already 11something!!!! while the class should start at 11!!!!

11.23a.m The lecturer goyang mari liao.
11.25a.m - 12.50p.m Listening to the story telling session from lecturer, zzzz!!!!!

1.00p.m Class dismiss!!!! Lunch time!!!!
*went to my aunty's house, stop there, had lunch,
and so so so sigh that i didnt go for about one month and my little baby could not recognize me, treat me as stranger, T_T

1.45p.m Went back to IPG for Library Researche Skills class.

U know what is this class about?
1. No one coming to guide us for what to do
2. Sat in the library there, doing nothing but finding some books and magazine start reading.
3. Left earlier, about 3p.m no one hiu also.

ADUH!!!! free classes no need to be like that also lahz,
No one teaching then why they ask us to come?? better let the student stay at home and rest lahz!
Celaka IPG!
but still have to go on wednesday.


SaeWei said...

next time online in the library lar :P

Unheard Voice said...

Next time dont stay in library...go shopping.. n who ask u no go visit ur they will bite ur ass..hahahahaha

miChi3 said...

ur class so free de?
next time bring laptop go there watch movie..XD hahaa~

JJ Jason said...

michie: i dun have any lappie, sigh... u wanna sponsor me one? >.<

papa: tat time i not sure wether i can leave or not de. the baby is the real baby, not my babies dog.

sae wei: i already tried it today, so siok there

Dan said...

omg omg IPG IPG!.. good college la. lots of grrrllls.

JJ Jason said...

aiks, my class got many indian gals only,