Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well, tagged by Sae Wei about this tag.
But quite easy, so i din hate it =.="
Lets Shoot!

1. Food I hate: Tom Yam? i cannot eat spicy one lahz.

2. Fruits that i hate: Errrmm..... i cant think of any.. =.="

3. Vegetables that i hate: hmmm.... Beans?

4. Celebrities or people that i hate: Bat leong kam? =.="

5. Event/Incident/Situation that i hate: Those people who potong queue

6. TV Shows / Movies that i hate: all the movies that speaking with the language that i dont know.-__-

7. Types of music that i hate: hmmm... over punk? just like those singer shouting?

8. Household chore that i hate: clean up my room, thats why my room is so messy -_-"

9. Things i hate about the world: Wars, Animal Killing, especially when they kill dolphin in japan to process food.

10. Things that i hate about myself: same as Sae Wei, too fat, and too sensitive, too kind, too straight forward, too stupid. xP

All replying about my weakness, swt....

Sae Wei said no rules on tagging how many people, then she tagged 10.
Me? very simple, 3 enough for me.

1. Benjipapa
2. Minny
3. Imin

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