Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Emotional? Maybe?

What u feel on this picture? Emotional? Lonely? Sad? Depress?

Someone viewed this picture and they asked me, why u so lonely?
I answered, Am I? Why i don't know then?

But after I consider, I feel that my mood swinging around.
I don't know why, Just feel moody.

This is another, Can give me some comments?

What Do U Feel About This Picture?
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LeangFM said...

like the shouters said,
really look drug addict 1st phase la

JJ Jason said...

they said i looks like taking drugs, swt....

SaeWei said...

Alapak!!! Why so emo???

Wei... don't feel lonely okay... You are surrounded by fellow shouters that never sleep ler........

Dont worry be happy ;)

-SaeWei jie-

JJ Jason said...

aiyor, sae wei.
i am nth lahz,
dun worry,

Pike-chan said...

waaaah the first pic looks emo la, kekekeke

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