Monday, August 6, 2007

ShoutOut Family Day

Sunday, what you expect? Family day? sure! ShoutOut Family Day!!!
When i am ready, straight away call up jangheng and pick him up near my house there,
never know that he stay so near to me!
After got him in my car, 1st target, PC Fair PISA!!!!!
need jangheng to guide me, because i not really know how to get there.

When we reach there, and walking to the fair, i called up benjipapa and Dexter, 2 of them sounds like just woke up, and they said they didn't come for the PC Fair.
I hear the way they speak i also knew it. swt..... all the piggy!
So! i called Cedric, *phone answered,
A girl's voice said: hello!
I answered: hello? *then look at my phone, thinking that am i calling the wrong person? but i noticed that i am not!
so i answered again: can i talk to Cedric?
The girl answered: He is in the toilet.
but then when i wanna speak, Cedric take over the call,
said: who the fuck are u?! =.="
Me:.... [speechless] I am JJ! where are you all! I am in PC Fair!!!!
Cedric: we are outside PC Fair, we are leaving and going to Queensbay!!!!
Me:..... I just reached.
After that told him that me and jangheng will meet them up later at Queensbay.

Me and jangheng lepak lepak at PC Fair there, many leng luis leng zais promoting there.
And finally, i bought my Pendrive, it is Toshiba USB Flash Memory, 2GB @ RM68
And then we still lepak for a while, then only we left for Queensbay.


Reached Queensbay, met them up at Coffee Bean!
There are a lot of shouters there, don't want to type out all the names here, *i afraid that i will miss out anyone.
word can't say anything, so we better take a look at pictures
1st session: Wong Kok Restaurant

2 of them, especially Cedric, swt... btw, the girl talking to me through the phone just now was here, Sae Wei

2nd session: Mc Donald

3rd Session: Fun Fair Beside Queensbay Mall

This is how me and Wendy smile b4 the game start.

And this is how the game going on, =.="
rolling~ rolling~ and rolling~

2nd Game, Flying Chair *named it myself

This is how me, Minny[my mami], Wendy and Dexter looks like before the game start, we are still laughing out very loud!!!

And this is how we shout when the game going on, and how we looks like after the game, swt..... our face became green in colour =.=

4th session: Seaside, Carpark

Aeroplane fly by, u all never see aeroplane before mehz? =.="
*Actually it is i request them to pose, and sry aL for missed u out at the right hand side

Here Comes All The Camwhore Pictures! Sry For the blur blur pictures, T_T

And then the dead fishes, and a ..... victim of rape case???

After that will be my sweet family!!! mami and papa!!! dun torture me!!! u 2 child abuse!!! T_T

Shoutout Family Photo
1. Girls shouter

2. Girls + Boys

And here are the rest of the camwhore photos with Wendy,
She said blur but looks nice, so i just post out lahz,
Wendy's gold fish glasses, swt.....

Thanks to everyone, I am really happy and enjoy yesterday.
All my bad mood and emotional are gone!
Hope there is another shoutout family day again, ^^


Lasker said...

Wheeeeeeee .. first post.
Great day eh! Glad you enjoyed it .. Cheers!

Unheard Voice said...

wheeeeeeee.. so many ppl.... best SO outing i guess... 1st in qbmall summore with biggest family photo..wheeeeeeee

Spank u.. wat child abuse!! cos u noti ma.. :P

aL said...

lottery?! i wish. hahaha..

u memang cheap one! post up pics of me like tis! hmmp@!

JJ Jason said...

Lasker! 1st one to comment!!!! cool!!!! i like it and i enjoy it!!!!
Papa! u and mami child abuse!!!! T_T
u 2 bully me one, cries~
aL, u cheap one lahz!!!!! but u promise me wanna chia me makan when u kena lotery de har, kenot break promise or else i slaps sei u!

conan_cat said...

ehhh walao camwhore so much somemore XD fun meh hahaha... i went to kl de pc fair bought quite many things also wallet bleed lor haha...

JJ Jason said...

tat day is shoutout family day mahz!!!
and the pc fair,
i juz bought a 2G pendrive,
cause no money,