Friday, August 17, 2007

What Can He Do?

Today, Let me tell you all a story

There is a small kid, looking at everyone so happy when they got their foods.
Since the moment, He decided to learn how to cook,
to serve his own family with delicious foods.
Cooking became his hobby.

Year by year, the little boy grew up, became a teenager.
And because of some reason, the little boy involve.
From his hobby, he changed it to dream.
The little boy start to plan about his dream, and thinking on how to make it become real.

Day by day,
the little boy making all his way to full fill his dream,
trying hard to learn and gather all the information that helps.

Right now, he finally got his way to full fill his dream.
he found it.
But, he faced a problem, the biggest problem.
This has blocked his way to full fill his dream.
His father said "NO" to his dream.
Since the day his dad said that to him, he totally lost.
A dream, trying hard to full fill since he is small,
and until today, his dream is broken.

What can he do?
Everybody stay at home, shaking his legs.
Free? yes, very free, without any target, without any object.
Day by day, the little boy realise that he should do something instead of staying at home everyday.
He begin his search, begin to get himself a better studies for future.
Although he not really like it, but he force himself to do it.
What to do? Parents already rejected what he wants.

Finally, he found it, he wanted to continue his study at other place.
That means, he have to leave his family.
without anyones' care, leave his hometown.
But then, his parents rejected again.
Once again, he is lost.

Finally, he follow what his parents want.
Forcing himself to study what he don't want, forcing himself to do what he dun wish to do.
He take it, and day by day, he got a small request,
At first, his family agree, but when he request for it again, they rejected again.

The little boy give up his dream, give up his choice, and follow his parents'
Just a small request from them, he cannot have it.
He lost and lost again, forcing himself to do what he not willing to do.
Forcing himself to take the road that he don't likes.
And yet a small request, only, rejected. What is the point?
Looking at all his friends, doing what they like,
jealous? hate? lonely? or silly?
What you think? What else can he do?

btw, the little boy is me.


Unheard Voice said...

JJ, sometimes things jz dun go in out ways.... be tough and you shall see that no matter wat u do today will actually make u further to ur dreams....if u dun gif up...

its never too late to achieve ur dreams...mayb the time is not here....but jz wait.....

Chee Hsien said...

Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most.

Minny Chan said...

JJ ..
i know how you feel *hugs*
but sometimes we as their kids have to understand what are their thinkings. like, maybe what you wanna do or what you wanna study will have to cost them a lot, and they dont actually think that it will benefit you in the future.

like for me, i've always wanted to do fashion designing ever since i was young; was always drawing and always have a passion for it; but my parents wouldn't let me. why?
1. because fashion won't take me far, unless im really really good with it.

2. because if i'm just a normal fashion designer at a normal store; i wouldnt earn back the money i paid for college to study this course.

3. what you're studying now has a wider prospect of job and pays good too; office hours and all.

haih mami bukannya wanna nag but i know what u feel. i cried like nuts when i know i got into USM. never wanted to study this but what can i do? God has already set us a goal eventhough we have our own plans.
Just take it easy; try to talk to them again and see :)

all the best.

Minny Chan said...

and oh, one more thing...

dont give up okay?!

Dexter said...

JJ, all i can say is...

u cant just giv up a dream that easy, u need it, its a part of u... even if u giv up now. in the future u might come back for it.

trust yr self... believe in what yr dream can do to u... believe in what makes u go after yr dream...

follow the story of life... and have fate... u will find what u r truely looking for in the future..

at the mean time... smile Smile.. :)

Anonymous said...

There are one story about a guy force by his parent to be a doctor, he is actually just want to be a teacher.

so he follow, what his father said and become a doctor.

then after several year being a doctor, he resign, then he become a teacher.

"I've fullfill your dream, now i want to fullfill my dream."

if he love cooking, cooking always be his hobby.
even if after he become engineer, he always can resign anytime to be a chef. or open restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Tambah sikit.

he can become a good chef, with extra experience that other normal chef didnt have.

i know a kakak who was bank manager and now baking cake and selling cake.

SaeWei said...

JJ bro, you are still very young. You can still follow your dreams once you become an adult and start working.

Parents are always worried, that's for sure, but why you think they wanna reject your dreams? Because they are afraid that being a cook won't let their son have a proper and stable living when he is old. Why are they afraid you may ask since you know how to take care of yourself and all. The answer is because they love you so much that wouldn't want you to take the risk and ruin your whole life.

So, don't worry, if that is what you really want, leave it after you had graduated from what you are studying now. And prove to your parents that you are one good son that can both do what they say and follow your own dreams.

Whatever you do, I will always support you ok?

SaeWei said...

Aisehman.. jie also got one last thing to add..

Do not hate or feel angry at your parents for rejecting your requests eventhough it were some small requests. You must understand that there are some good reasons for everything they do. You might not understand it now, but when you becomes a daddy yourself, you'll understand it.


Kimberly said...

AWW....dont worry ...:( things happens for a reason..dont give up

JJ Jason said...

i am so touching,
thx u all for all the advices and comments,
appriciate it,
thx a lot!

Pike-chan said...

just hang on there, and dont forget your dream... one day i believe you will achieve your dream...

Anonymous said...

Well... Seems everything has been said :) But also always remember JJ that it's never too late to change course later in life ok? make your parents happy for now and you can take part time or evening courses perhaps later on and still pursue your dreams.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel JJ
I felt the same too
I wanted to be an archeology
But my parents objected..
They want me to be a doctor..
Like it or not..
I have to obey..
No choice..
I want to study overseas..
They ask me to get my own scholarship..
I dont get to do things I ever want..
I cry my heart out..
I tell them what I want..
They never bother to listen to me..
But they are my parents..
I cant say anything..
I have to obey!

Ryudiculous said...


I understand the situation you're going through, but like what hasbullah pit said, you can have cooking as your hobby.

I have a friend who is forced to take up pharmacy when he really wants to be a cook. He said he will get the degree but in the end, he'll want to open his own cafe.

So why not just postpone your dream for now until you have earned and learned enough from life to satisfy your family?

By that time, you will have the freedom to achieve your dream.

Don't ever give up, you're too young =) (damn... sounds like I'm so old... hahaha...)

Unknown said...

i support u!

if your parents wan u to do sth for them, no harm doing it, just treat it as adding extra skills for yourself!

and pls do not forget your dream pls! coz guys who cook are SEXY! :P

conan_cat said...

i knew a friend who faced the same problem with you too...

he is the top classical music singer in malaysia, a very beautiful baritone that had won prizes both from local and international level. he was accepted for full scholarship for music course in malaysian institute of art, but because his mother think that music won't take him far, she wouldn't let him study the course. she even cried and threatened to commit suicide.

what he did was that he went on to study what she wanted him to study. but he made a pact with her: after i studied whatever you want me to study, i shall have the freedom to do whatever i want. and she agreed.

he studied 3 years @ accounting, and recently he just graduated as a vocal major in a music course. he is currently teaching music.

things might not go your way at first, jj, but eventually they will understand. go with the flow for now, fight and push the boundaries whenever you have the chance. radical protesting won't help, but problem solving will.

JJ Jason said...

thx for u'all advice and suggest,
really thx alot,
i will find wat shud i do.