Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kiss The Rain

Did everyone noticed about the song in my blog?
I guess everyone did, it is relax, nice, feel like releasing your pressure.
It is raining outside, very heavily, you cant even stand at outside for 5seconds or else u will totally wet.

When it is rain, my mind is full of u.
When i am nothing to do, my mind start missing u.
When you are gone, my world become empty without u.
When i am happy, I will think that you are happy or not?
When i think about u, I will ask myself, Should I?
Every night before I sleep, I will look around.
When I see nothing in my room, I feel empty in my heart.
A light in my room that accompany me.
An empty mind was think about nothing.
Imagine a day without lights, how could I live?
Yes, it is raining.
Just like my heart, rain without noise.


Chee Hsien said...

why so emo ler JJ??

dun think so much ler... we're here to cheer u up anytime anywhere...

Unheard Voice said...

JJ: Poetry?.... good job... we can share ideas next time..wheeeee...

If not.... then cheer up.... I WAN U remember :D:D:D LOL

LeangFM said...

wow! so deep!
couldnt understand at all..

Anonymous said...

JJ's room looks a little creepy... like from horror movie lidat.

But the poem so bittersweet... *hug*

Kimberly said...

i like the lamp..dunwori la JJ..btw why so sad?

Weird Dan said...

Wei, if poetry, have a look at some of my poetry work that I've done :P

Also that reminds me, I should write poetry again

JJ Jason said...

CH, tak ada lahz, hehehex.
Papa: dun wanna, i selfish.
Bone: juz forget this.
Bell: i like my room.
Kimberly: i like it too and i am ok.
Daniel: juz do it!

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.