Sunday, September 23, 2007

My 18th Birthday Suprise Part 1[Dad's shop]

Before that, talk about 21 September night, and it should be 22 September morning.
I received A LOT of SMS and Calls.
Thanks to everyone who called me and sms-ed me! I love you all!!!!!!!!
That night i received something too.
A colourful picture from Devince! Thank you!!!!
Here you go!

And Aaron sent me an cute mms too!!!! Thank you~!
Actually there are something happened @ ShoutOut,
everyone keep scolding me, swt...
But i don't care! i not going to mention about it anymore!
That night sugar accompany me!

Now let's start the 1st surprise!
This morning, i woke up and saw sugar sleep with me.
so i snapped.
And then i went to my dad's shop as usual.
After i had my breakfast, i was so curious why my worker ask me to sit together with him,
but then there are no customer, so i just sat with him and talk.
Here is it! My birthday cake from my secondary school friend and my god sister!

I don't know what to say, but just view those photos, ok?
Damn Celaka, i have to tear off 18 layer to get my present, =.="
watch the video then you will know my pek chek-ness! ISH!!!!

Thats all for part 1!
Thank you Hooi Imm anad Seow Chin For all the surprise!
I so like it! and love it!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to recycle the paper oh?! LoL last time we did somewhat worse to my fren, not only his present wrap many layers, it's hidden inside a large box full of crumple paper and other wrapped dud boxes and useless things like textbooks and biscuits etc Haha!!

So what was in your present anyway?

Anonymous said...

18 years old birthday. Unforgetful one.

Pike-chan said...

happy belated bday to u ya...

conan_cat said...

happy belated bday to you too!! :D and whoa looks like you really enjoyed it hehe, just part 1 means still got la! cmon show them off! :P

Selina Ong said...

That is full of meaning for the wrapping layers. But the present is so special for him. JJ, u know that how much time spend on finding present? Before dinner we already searching for it. Until 9pm++ me n Seow Chin just having our dinner ar.
In the next day before going into ur papa's shop, Seow Chin still scared that u will angry because of the party. Hehe.. Finally u dint angry about it. Still happy until wanna cry. Haha.. I also happy that 1st time supprice let people feel that damn happy. :P
Keep secret about ur present. That's me n Seow Chin supprice ^^

~Keep It Tough~


JJ Jason said...

Bell, TQ!!! the papers i gave back to my frenz, LOL! Things inside is still ok, a gud present, but tat one will show next time.
Elise, ya, unforgetful one!!!! TQ!!!!
Pikey, TQ!!!!!!
Conan, TQ!!! i will be update soon!!!
Hooi Imm, how can i angry bcz of that? I am so happy and thankful!!!!!!!