Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My First Assignment & Bowling Outing With Shouters

I think this post i will let the pictures talk also.
But i don't have pictures when we are playing bowling.
So that will be our camwhore pictures only.
1st will be my Mami, Minny

2nd, our Poser God, Ang Ang

Me and Emily

A small Family Picture : Benjipapa, Minny and Me

After that, we went to New World Park and have our dinner there.
I forgot the restaurant name. But we had some indian foods there.

Emily and Willazz

Benjipapa and Wendy, Cheap one

ChefKhuen and Me

The Poser God again.

After the Dinner, Camwhored again. Here are all the posers

This is my first assignment.

Gosh, it is 37pages, my first time, it is a lot for me.
See the thickness, i campared it with my Gatsby moving rubber.

Finally, show you all some kiss.

P.S: i looks ugly in all the pictures,
why? because i am cheap. ^_^


Dexter said...

wor wor.. bowling... bowling..

i wan again... come come we go organize again...

SaeWei said...

I'm also in the "Small Family Picture" woi!!!! Hahaha

Unknown said...

WOAH.. 37 pages? ahaha!
u know how much was mine last time?
more than 100 pages ler.. swt
wasted a lot of printer ink and papers.. and of couse $$ ><