Saturday, September 15, 2007

A SMS Friend Test

Today i sent some Shouters a SMS friend test.
This is the question:
Which Is Your Choice?
x. Coffee
x. Tea
x. Cuppucino
x. Milk
x. Fruit Juice
x. Beer
x. Wine
x. Vodka
Choose wisely.......
Meaning will be send soon after your reply.

Here are the answer:
Here u go answer...!!!!
Coffee = Just friend
Tea = You care me
Cuppucino = You love me
Milk = I am your special person
Fruit Juice = We are best friend
Beer = You hate me
Wine = You like me
Vodka = You want me

Cedric replied : who are u? I replied: the mother fucker JJ. Then he choosed Milk and i sent him the answer, then he replied again: Yea u are my special bitch. i replied him: then you are my special bastard.
Wendy replied : Coffee. Then i just sent her the answer.
Wendy yeah!!!! cheap one!!!! we are friend!!!!!!!!
Benjipapa replied : Vodka!!!@@!! I sent him the answer, and then send him one more sms, Swt... luan luan lai one. Then he replied: Yea i want you so bad! Come JJ come come come to me.... Wheeeee
Swt again.... Apa lahz ini papa, swt x 100
Emily replied : Coffee.
Emily! lu treat me as friend saja kah? aiyor waste my effort, *runz!!!!! just kidding!
Chee Hsien replied : i need some wine for my study, then i sent him the answer.
Celaka CH you like me!!!!!! *shy
Dexterity replied : Cuppucino, then i sent him the answer. Then he replied : yeah, i love u as my friend.
Not bad, Dexter wheeee~~~!!!
Sae Wei replied : Milk. Then she sent me a sms after the answer, she said : yea!!! very chun!!!!
Yeah Sae Wei Wheeee~~~~!!!!!
Minny no reply
Mami grrr!!!!!!
aL no reply
Lasker no reply
Hey Boss! apalah lu! tak ada reply punya!


AaronWoolala said...

WHY NO SEND ME? I chose Tea at first. lol~
I care you leh~ hahahaha~

JJ Jason said...

Aaron, dun hav ur number how to send u har?

Wendy said...

coffee coffee coffee!
♥ coffee!

Dexter said...

wor... so u sms me and post about it...

lucky i online just now... my phone no credit cant reply also... wakakaka... u lucky...

yeah... i like drinking cuppucino mar... so i reply that lo...

yeah i love u as friends love lar... haha... blek... i'm not gay... LOL

Chee Hsien said...

kns... hahahahahah....

JJ Jason said...

Wendy, drink more coffee and u will become panda girl.
Dexter, u think too much lahz, swt...
CH, lu lakz kns! hate me!!! i hate u deep deep too!!!

Chee Hsien said...

what hate u?? like u la... hahahahahaha

Unheard Voice said...

wahahahahaha... I WAN JJ.....

Anonymous said...

JJ didn't send to me oso... But u don't have my number oso... and I'm like overseas oso... But that's no excuse to not send to me oso... but send to me I would have probably said I want Milo... *sweat*

SaeWei said...

Milk milk milk *moooooooooooooo*

JJ Jason said...

CH, den i like u deep deep.
Papa, u cheap one.
Bell, one word, *sweat*
Sae Wei!!!! wheee~~~

millymin said...

Benji wantS JJ... sad sad... WOI JJ... i answered MILK la... SUSU!! you cilaka babi!!

JJ Jason said...

Emily, sry lahz i put wrong lohz.
but lazy to edit liao lahz, juz let it be lahz. >_<