Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Was Cheated!!!

Yesterday I was Shouting in the class, and suppose to be having lunch with Shouters @ Sushi King Gurney after that.
So i took the Sushi King Member Card from Emily's Friend and went to find them.
But then, I reach there about 1.05p.m
I thought that they will be earlier than me, but guess what?
No one is there yet. So i wait for them.

*WAIT*1.10p.m *WAIT*
*WAIT*1.15p.m *WAIT*
*WAIT*1.20p.m *WAIT*
*WAIT*1.25p.m *WAIT*
*WAIT*1.30p.m *WAIT*
*WAIT*1.35p.m *WAIT*
*WAIT*1.40p.m *WAIT*

Cedric finally reached there.
He waved at from and shouted at me from far far away and I act don't know.
*Gosh!!!! who dare to admit the one he shouted is u!!!!! Pai Sei lahz!!!!!
I passed the Sushi King Member Card to him, then i back to college.
I cannot have lunch with them, it is too late for me, some more many of them haven't reach yet.

Back to College, went to canteen look for foods, guess what i bought?
Bread and Iced Milo. Why? Foods finished!

I also bought a packet of Milk Chocolate Flavor M&M and had it in the class.

After the class, i went to find Cedric and Minny and take back the Sushi King Member Card and return to Emily's friend.
And then i back to Gurney Plaza and hang with them a while.

We went for pool, and feel bored.
At the end, me and Cedric decided to watch this while my mami rushing home for her assignment.

YEAH!!!! Finally i watched u!!!! Luckily u are not dissapointing me!
As i expected, a lot of laughter! LMAO! the cinema is full and me and Cedric's voice

This is the 881 Sister's Enemy, Durian Sister

This is 881 Sister and their relatives, the fat aunty is their manager while that guy is their driver.

This is them in Chang Jing look, *i think, lolz!
Overall, this movie full of crap, but i like it.
Especially the part that *hit the little man* LMAO!!!!
one sentence for everyone.
"hit the little Tao, hit the little man Tao Hin Hin"
LMAO!!!!! by the way, Tao means head in Hokkien and Hin Hin means dizzy in Hokkien.


Anonymous said...

Is that the Singaporean film? HOW good was it? :)

aL said...

omggggggggggg! u watched that show really...

with cedric sumoreee.. kenot imagine the cinema condition lah!


JJ Jason said...

Bell, tat movie was great!
it is all about laughter!!!!
aL. u shud watch it too!!!!
the whole cinema not more than 20 person, but full of me and Ced's laugh, lolz!