Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't Drive While U Are Drunk

Last night was out for supper.
Then i saw a 3 Bengali sitting there chatting and having some alcohol drinks.
Then they dismissed and one of them went off, left another two they chatting.
After that, they wanted to go home.
2 of them looks drunk and cannot stand still.
It is funny when i see them trying to start they bike.
Especially the white shirt one.
1st, his key chain only got 2 keys, but he took around 5minutes just to get the right key.
2nd, puke the key into the keyhole is a very tough mission.
3rd, to start the engine took him around 10minutes.
4th, after he start the engine, he fell.
I was laughing but still went to help him, and his friend too.
Funny is, he ask himself: "How could I fall down?"
But then, his friend also got angry and finally left him alone there.
At the end, he himself scolding there and acting.Just like what my uncle said: "this is better than watching Mr. Bean"
After that that fella drove off, but not far away, he bang at someone's car.
I didn't manage to take pictures of that.
But it is so funny that make me laugh the whole night and today.
This is my advice:
Do Not Drive While You Are Drunk!!!!!


Dexter said...

dont drink n drive
may get accident...

DOnt Drink and fuck
may get a baby... or more...

TZ said...

Strongly agree "Do not Drink and Drive" :-p

hehehe... i have a friend whom is the bartender and work in G-Hotel Chilis... he made lots of different drinks for me... yummy! ... I'm not driving after the drink :-) Stay within walking distance...

Anonymous said...

Only idiots drink and drive. Even just 2 beers or a big glass of wine is enough to make your driving lose control already! People should NEVER assume that that didn't drink so much that they can't drive home. It's stupid. But that guy you saw funny also la! haha! I hope he got home alright.