Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Outing @ Starbucks

Went to Koay Zhiap with Satkuru, Wendy & Hugo.
Then we went to Starbucks located at New World Park and met up with Hung Wei.
Chit chat around until 12something then only we dismiss.
Here are some pictures to share with you guys.
1st, Hung Wei a.k.a Miang Guy
2nd, Hugo a.k.a Pom Chiak Chiak3rd, Wendy a.k.a Miang Queen / Fat Hao4th, JJ a.k.a the cheap one!
Here are other pictures that i took.
They are all busy playing with the 2 DSLR.

Actually that afternoon i saw an accident, it is just infront of my college.

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