Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

People usually will hang out with their boyfriend/girlfriend.
For those who are still single, will stay at home just like me.
For those who got lovers, they will give their lover some presents.
But i am single, so i gave my sister a present.
A Bunch of flower from meTeddy from her boyfriendValentine's day night is time to pray.
Most of the Hokkien have to pray "Ti Kong"
I also went to Temple @ Air Itam there with my brother and friends.
The pictures are blur, my handphone couldn't take nice pictures at night.

And don't miss the fireworks too!


TZ said...

Just wondered where is the temple... looks very nice... stair case going up to the temple building...

May i know which part of Air Item this temple located? said...

that's the kind of fireworks that exploded in my cousin's face :S

JJ Jason said...

TZ, it is somewhere near bukit bendera, i am sure that u can see it.
Vingie, becareful leh!
some they keep for a long time d so cannot play anymore.