Sunday, February 17, 2008

Funny Pictures

Just a short update for today, rushing my assignment.
Some funny pictures that i found in internet.
Sorry if you guys saw those pictures before.
The Best Advertisement of The Year from Google.comSecond Best Advertisement Of The Year
The Award! *giggles*
Guys! Better Don't Step InMonalisa went to Plastic Surgery? @.@You want this kind of brother or not?The result of being a StubbornWorry about the effect of smoking instead, =__=To the left~ to the left~ look to the left~
This one you call bomb technician? You tell you customer after they finish their foods?Think properly before you steal foods from this familyThis is the ultimate cam whore skill!
Laugh all you can!


Lasker said...

hahahaha .. so funny. Some I seen before, but still ... nice to see it grouped together :D

JJ Jason said...

Lasker, next time i find more and group up again, lol

Liagiba-Abigail said...

Farny!! I especially like the monalisa one..kekekekkekee

OMG, Kiss the rain by Yiruma is so nice!! I gonna practice that piece on the piano d!!