Monday, February 11, 2008

Stupid Rats Again!!!!!!!!!!!

My computer is now soundless!
The stupid rats did it again!
They bite my speaker's wire!!!I swear i will catch all of u and cook of u and feed u all to my dogs!


Anonymous said...

Sugar cannot catch ka? My small dog always like to chase the rats and mice. We know when she finds rats cos she very kancheong will run to the wall or shelf and scratch and bark until we move furniture for her. She never catch any though... but they seem to have all run away. Or at least gone someplace we can't see them. You need a more hyperactive dog :)

Satkuru said...

wah, that's crazy :P you should let loose your monkey ler, hahaha. the rats sure won't appear :D

TZ said...

Oops! Rats did like wire eh!

BTW, since when Dog chase rats. Must be the world has changed. I still remember what we learnt in the kindergarden. Cats chases rats. Hey dude, rats are the king for this year, Let me send my cousin's fluffy over to help you :-p

Anonymous said...

Dirty room, thats why got rats. I wonder do they pee on your pants or not.

Yeh if I want to hide my identity, I won't be using the name NICK and would be using anonymous.

JJ Jason said...

bell, i guess sugar pun scare of those rats, swt.
Satkuru, if i let loose my monkey, i guess not only my speaker's wire will be broken. =__="
TZ, they are so annoying! ish! now i have to use headphone that cause my ears pain!
nick, if u wouldnt, why dont u show up yourself?
I guess many people would like to know who are u.
P.S: only loser will try to bullshit around.