Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Is It Time To Go Home?

Do you know how is your parents right now?
How long was it since the last time you saw them?
Did you guys noticed that TV Advertisement always talk about going home?
Let's me take an example.
There is a son who work in outstation.
His mom called him everyday and just wanted to chat with him for a little while.
This is his answer.
"Ma! Wa[me] Boh Eng[busy] Lah"
And then he will hung up.
Silly thing is, someday he is passing by the road.
He didn't notice that there is a bus coming towards him.
A homeless old lady saved pull him from the back and saved him.
Then his phone rang again.
When he answered the call, his mom said.
"Beng ar, i wants to tell you, if you are busy for work, this year you don't rush all the way back from so far just to celebrate Chinese New Year with me lar" [translation]

What will you think if you are that fella?
He is trying to avoid his mom but his mom is still care about him so much.
Here are some pictures of those homeless people and nothing they can do other than begging for money.
This is from Douglas
Where is her children?This is from Smashpop
She have to work for her own lifeHow about him?or him? accompanied by a dog for his whole life.
So why don't you go home?
Let's share some song,
Home - Michael Buble


Pike-chan said...

happy chinese new year to ya.. it's more meaningful to celebrate it with family.

Beverly's Secret said...

i miss my mum a lo although i call home everyday :'(

this will be my 1st and last year celebrating CNY without my family...

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year JJ. Be thankful you can be with your family in this time of year when family is so important. I'd give anything to be home right now too... just like the song says... let me go home. I talk to my mum ever weekend... usually for 1-2 hours. I miss my family. Treasure yours always *hugs* ^_^

Satkuru said...

gong hei fatt choy !