Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinese New Year @ Day 1

Woke up earlier in the morning and feel so tired.
But it is Chinese New Year! Time for joy and fun!
Bathed, changed, cam whore!
Take 1Take 2Take 3

By the way, Sugar also dress up nicely and ANG ANG during Chinese New Year too.
Make up-ingSugar Pretty Girl
Time to hang out and become "ah long"!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to my grandma's house and collect ang pow.
Gamble a bit but lost RM20. *sobs*

Then left there and went to aunty's house.
Had lunch and had a lot of fun there.
Here are some pictures of my cousin's son.
My Cousin and his sonAnother son of him, he likes Sugar
Then i live there for 2 days, that is the why i didn't update my blog.
My cousin's house is using Tm-Net Dial Up network.
Can you imagine the speed?
I don't really know how much time would take to load my blog.
That's all for day 1, keep catch up with me for more.

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Anonymous said...

Next time only take 2 for your picture :)