Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wanna Eat? =P

Walao, it is so cold out there!
And after bathed, i decide to cook some dishes to warm my body.

Here are the ingredients:
1. 5 pieces Figo Golden Fish Chips
2. 4 pieces Ramly Chicken Burger
3. 2 Cheddar Cheese
4. 8 Black Pepper Sausage

Here comes, lets cook.
1. Heat up oil in ur fry pan.
2. Fry The Burgers.
3. Absorb the oil from the burgers.
4. Insert Cheese between 2 burgers, done!
5. Fry the Fish Chips
6. Absorb the oil from chips, done!
7. Fry those sausage.
8. Same as chips and burgers, absorb oil from sausages.

9. Arrange all in cantik cantik style
10. JJ's Teatime Combo Set is served and ready to fight!
11. Weapon for fight is kimball chili sauce and ketchup!

Or who can named it better please leave comments, ^^


Unheard Voice said...

JJ...u eat all tat alone??? fu yo.... next time cook for me can bo?? haha :P:P

ColleenC said...

waa..y eat so much de ar?
y no share share wan!
i wan cheese!! =)~

Pike-chan said...

eh... come to PJ and cook for us la.. kekeke

JJ Jason said...

i share with family one lahz
pikey: u dreamz! muahahaha!!!