Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chinese New Year @ Day 2

This is another day of Chinese New Year.
Just back from Klang yesterday, kinda tired.
Just a small update, but please stay tuned for a excited one.
Early in the morning, some view from Sunrise Tower.
P.S: i am living in my cousin's house for that night, remember?
The feng shui there is nice, why i said so?
Got sea viewAnd hill viewMost of the people are still in holiday on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year
So we went this for breakfast.
KFC!!!!!We tried all the breakfast meal.
Conclusion: I still prefer the original of the fried chickens than other foods in KFC.
I also vain a bit.


~~::Wendy::~~ said...

hey...still rmb me anot???

TZ said...

Awesome view!... I'll be leaving for Penang next Friday for a week on business ... Will be staying @ G-hotel :-> I like the Gurney area... it's so happening...

JJ Jason said...

Wendy, heyyyyyy!!!!
let's go sushi king again!!!!!
TZ, that place is nice leh,
G-Hotel also nice but so expensive =_=