Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It Is All About OMG! My Face Got Raped!

This is a post about some OMG pictures.
You will feel OMG about this post too.
By the way, my OMG means Oh My God!
Something that i got from Star Newspaper

OMG Staff? Siapa itu?

Then something that i did during the classes.

Another OMG one

My face got raped by Sherlyn, Ralph and Ah Hir[my classmate]
Thanks Charles for the pictures.


Raymond said...

hey, thanks for stopping my blog. cool blog u got here. i'll definately stopping again soon!! btw, kesian your face la kena buli like dat..and u so 'guai' let them do it to u hahaha

take care!!

William said...

Kena rape?! Got do body check up mou? :P

Unknown said...

OMG! haha!

SaeWei said...

What the heck are they doing to my ah di?????? MAU KENA HANTAM AH???

TZ said...

Dude, not that bad ... only your face got raped LoL... just like small boy got "Cubit" :-p

treated it as facial massage... hahaha...

JJ Jason said...

Raymond, they are all my classmate and we are just having fun, very exciting also lar, lol.
William, face got raped only, not body also, =___="
zhengdhong? Why lar you laugh like that only =___="
SaeWei, ask the Charles ler, he said wanna take pictures then the rest semua lai liao =___="
TZ, small boy pulak.*sweats*