Sunday, April 6, 2008

Boring Sunday

This is a Super Boring Sunday!
I am going crazy if i don't do something.
So i decided to Google something and blog about it.
Let's see what i found.
Woke up early in the morning

1st thing to do is brush your teeth!

Then sing a song to begin your day

Exercise is good for your health

When you back and found out that some people still sleeping

Don't forget, it is time to wake them up

Encourage them to do some exercise too

Outdoor activities is good but...

Careful of all the traps also

We should love each other too

Time for a bath

Time for some games!

For those who lost

Relax on a hot afternoon

Enjoy some sun bath~

At night, we just rocks!!

Time to party!

It is just another Boring Sunday

Thanks to the owner of
You have such a cute and nice blog there.
I will visit more your blog more often.
Happy Weekend to all my readers


Dc said...

arrr,i hate cats!

Chuckie Cotton said...

wah, u vr the keng..Pui fok..keng post:good;

TZ said...

I had a boring Sunday and even worst a boring Monday too.... :-> Fortunately, i have a nice Pilate class in the evening.

JJ Jason said...

DC, you can choose not to comment.
Charles, mana ada lar? you more pro lar.
TZ, Sunday always boring to me, but now no more! Whweeeeee!!!