Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary To JJ In Da House!

Yes! 1st of April is April Fool Day!
But Anniversary to my blog is true!
After 365days, my blog is now officially 1year old!
Say: Happy Birthday To JJ In Da House!
For this special day, i prepared something for all my readers!
But, of course it is not so easy to get!
Take a test!
Answer some question 1st!
1st Question:
The price for A bowl of Bak Kut Teh & a huge fish head!
Hint:It is around RM100 to RM150

Prize will be given to the nearest answer

2nd Question:
How much is this Dead CJ-7?
Hint:Below RM10

Prize will be given to the nearest answer
3rd Question:
How many people inside the picture below?
No Hint, count yourself

  1. You can answer all the question, but only one prize will be given to you.
  2. It is just a small gift, so don't expect too much from me. Sorry!
  3. No delivery service, but i will try to send the gift to you!
Good Luck To All Of You!
The answers will announce on 3rd of April, Thursday!


Satkuru said...

bak kut teh + fish head ar? RM 123

the CJ7 looks 9.90ish so RM 9.90

wahse so many ppl ar, lazy to count ler. gonna give one wild guess. it looks like 99ish like that. hahaha. so 99 ppl @_@

kxin said...

1) RM 123

2) RM5.90

3) 150 ppl


kxin said...

eh sorry i din notice satkuru posted the 1st question 123 oso so i changed!!!! RM 119 ba

kxin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JJ in DA House!!!!!

kxin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JJ in DA House!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday To Your Blog!!!
*psst: my new blog was born on the same day... lol

1)RM 135 (walao, 2 dishes need RM100+ meh??? so freaking expensive le)

2)RM 5 (die, that day i rmb u telling the price to angeline... i forgot liao... damn)

3)94ppl (sweat.. very hard to count)

KOKahKOK said...

1) RM 130

2) RM 3

3) 89ppl

Now i know the birthday is ur BLOG. Happy Birthday looo hehe

.•°Rªlph°•. said...

1 rm 138

2 rm 7.90

3 92 ppl

TZ said...

Happy Birthday JJ in Da House...

1) RM112.80
2) RM4.50
3) 128

Sendo said...

can't answer the three but happy 1st year anniversary to your blog anyway! =D have a great day!!!!

Keong said...

I want that shutdown mode of CJ7...
where can i get it ?

SaeWei said...

I dont want to guess but I want the prize can??? heeheehee~

Happy Bday!!!!! Your new header is coming up... Be prepare~

William said...

OMG, did I miss the deadline?!

JJ Jason said...

The answer is out!
Congratulations to those winners!