Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ShoutOut's Birthday @ Part 1

I am too lazy to make it as a long post.
So i will separate this post into a few pieces!
Before i start this!
I am so happy that i am officially a worker in *secret*
And i got myself a Limited Edition Cafe Latte Flavor Kit Kat from my manager!
You cannot buy it anywhere!
It is from the supplier!
Take a Break! Have a Kit Kat!

Ok end of the intro!
Now let's get back to the title!
ShoutOut's Birthday!
It is so grand!
This is our "Family Picture'

Envy or jealous?
Come to join us then!
Not to forget to wish Lasker! My Boss!
Happy Birthday!
And also to link those who updated their blog about this ShoutOut's Birthday!
Stay Tuned for more funny pictures!


The J said...

Yoyo! The J's is Back! Haha~ Really good to check ur blog again!.. What a BIG birthday party there!!!!


TZ said...

You're so lucky, your boss give you a limited edition break :-p

I could smell the latte from your Limited Edition Kit Kat... yum! yum! can share with us ah?

William said...

Oooooooooh. Keep the Kit-Kat for 10 years, then sell it.

JJ Jason said...

J: Heyyyy!!! How have you been?
TZ: The taste is very nice!
And it is all digesting in my stomach, sorry lar next round, lol.
William, that time people will ask for others d, =___="

Raymond said...
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