Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ShoutOut's Birthday @ Part 2

So let's continue from the previous post!
Eden's Buffet! Yums!

One of the Sexy Of That Night, Vingie!
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Sexy Vingie & GoodBoyGoneBad
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This is Gavin & HH
Gavin's & HH's

That's What They Want!

We Start Jumping! Me Solo!

Gavin Solo!

Kxin Solo!
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Be continue in next post ok?
I will try to make it short for the next post!
Don't miss it!


Raymond said...

Wooooooow, is this the set of Jet Li's latest movie?! looks cool!! so much flying, so much action!! i hope there will be blood!!!

(the only thing missing here is jet li himself ^_^)

TZ said...

i wondered whose jump is the highest? Jump jump everybody jump.... LoL :-p

Satkuru said...

LOL, everyone jumped like jack rabbit! hahahaha