Thursday, April 3, 2008


The results are out.
Answer for the 1st question is below.

So the answer is RM122!
The winner for the 1st question is......

Your answer is RM123.
Kxin's answer is also RM123, but since satkuru is faster, so he won it!
Satkuru, i will pass you the prize when i meet you next time.
I wont be delivering it to u. *sweats*
Let's proceed to the 2nd question.
The correct answer for question 2 is RM4.50.
Someone got the answer!

Congratulation TZ!
But how should i pass the prize to u?
Are you still in Penang Island?

There is no winner for the 3rd question.
The answer is 100people.
Satkuru's answer is the nearest but he already won in the question 1.
So the third prize belongs to.....

Thanks for my new header!
Thanks for all the participants!
Come again next year!


TZ said...

Hurray! I won the prize and i'm not in Penang... jjzai, thanks for organizing this quiz. I might be going to Penang on May, will prompt you once i confirmed my trip. :->

JJ Jason said...

TZ! come and claim your prize!