Thursday, April 24, 2008

College Mates

College life is so fun with all the friends.
It is totally different from primary school or secondary school life.
Why i said so?
It is because.....
You can camwhore and having fun like crazy in the school after class?
or camwhore during the class?
That is what i mean, just look at the pictures.
Elyn & Amanda

Group Picture!

Ralph, Charles and Sherlyn also included in the picture.
Picture that we took before our exam week.
Sorry for the less update, but i will not give up.
I know my granny wants everyone of us live stronger and happily.
I know that she don't wish to see us feel sad because of her.
I know that she love us, and we love her too!

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Satkuru said...

woooo nice group pic :P like some mafia gang only. all pose like that LOL