Monday, April 7, 2008

How To Put Yourself In Magazine?

Now everyone can be model for the front page of magazine!
With MagMyPic's help!
Got this link from the Shouters last few weeks ago.
This is so funny and interesting.
Here is a sample that i did.
Here comes the original picture!

And this is what i did!

Would you buy this magazine if you see in in the market?
I guess you wont.
Who will go and buy a magazine about a Moron?
Tomorrow is Tuesdayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
Stupid classes again!
P.S: i blardy hate accounts


TZ said...

Dude, I like your t-shirt... "Save Water Drink Beer" ... LoL. So, how much water have you saved? :-p

kxin said...

i will buy :P lol

semchumbo98 said...

You can also try

JJ Jason said...

TZ, too bad it is spoilt by my Sister.=(
Kxin, you too rich is it? lol
SemChumBo98, thanks.

Anonymous said...

the pic is like so u........ LOL