Thursday, January 3, 2008

How Important Is Internet To Me Now?

Last few days my Streamyx, also known as Stimyx & Slowmyx is down.
At first i thought that it is because i didn't pay my bill again,
but after i paid it, and back to my house and switch on my computer, i cant get online,
i got no connection at all.
So i called the TM Center and complained to them.
Means i made a report and they will come to my house and repair.
At first i thought they will come after 2 days, cause i made the report on 31 December.
1st of January should be Public Holiday.
But it is so weird that i received a call from the technician at 9something in the morning.
They came to my house early in the morning and repair for me.
My life is like so miserable without my Internet.
Imagine how will the day is like without Internet?
This is my view:
  • Many teenagers are going to Tanjung Rambutan soon.
  • Business cannot be done so easily.
  • No blogger will appear, no blogs to read.
  • Chances of making friends reduced.
  • Job Opportunity will be less too.
And this is what our parents' view:
  • Save cost, no need to pay for Streamyx.
  • I can help them more in their business.
  • I can study more and less online.
  • I wont be crazy hanging out with my friends and everyday stay at home.
  • They don't have to pay for my expenses cause i will be going to Tanjung Rambutan too.
Anymore opinion?

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